The Pleiadian High Council and SanJAsKa: “Everything in Creation is Energy” (9-15)






-Channeled by Wes Annac-

We see you all making such great strides in your development, and we can only smile. It has been wonderful to watch you all progress in such interesting ways, and many of you are now beginning to come together and understand eachother in deeper ways. We also see many of you beginning to help eachother out on many matters, and this is a very significant development. The ways of BEing towards others on your world has for the longest time been to put oneself above others, to ‘get yours’ so to speak and not to care about the fate of a fellow soul. For so many in the past, as long as they were financially or otherwise secure, it didn’t matter whether or not somebody else was struggling. Now this is swiftly becoming not so. We see you developing various projects to help out fellow souls who are struggling, and it is delighting us!

Indeed these happenings have come about because of the large increases in energy you have all been going through, and many more are now realizing that their energy processes or ‘cycles’ can be measured on a scale or ‘calender’ of growth, and in fact many cultures have made these measurements. For those who know of these measurements, it has become clear that you are in intense times for these ascension energies and for the souls they are reaching. When you truly become aware of this energy and the positive effects it is having upon your Lives, you will find yourselves much more advanced as the days go on. Many have heard of these energies and felt as if there was nothing to them, as if these energies are somehow only being felt by the few and we guide that this is simply not so. We would like to explain a little bit in this communication just what these energies are.

Everything in Creation is energy. Everything you can see, feel, taste or sense in any way is energy. What you refer to as Love and Light, is simply higher Divine energy and many are now finding from a scientific standpoint that this energy can be measured. Your soul is energy. Your bodies are energy. YOU are energy. It has always been dear souls! As mentioned above, what you know as Love and Light is energy in manifestation. This Love and Light is the very energy that is being sent to your world and to your many bodies that go way beyond the physical body. So, you may be wondering if this energy that is Love and Light is the same every time it hits, what is the significance of the different energy dates (portals/gates/ect)?

How is this energy ‘amped up’ on certain dates more than others if it is the same energy all around? Well dear souls, it is not quite the same energy every time you receive it. Pure Light/Love energy is something that you cannot yet fathom from your earthly perspective. If we were to send you the purest forms of Light/Love energy, it would be too much for your bodies and your souls. Too much ‘awesomeness’ would be the best way to describe it in earthly terms. It would be akin to swooping you right up to the higher dimensions before you are in any way ready, which would be akin to trying to make an ant survive in the big city. It smiply wouldn’t work!

Needless to say, it would be a massive violation of your freewill to send you this Love and Light energy in it’s purest forms. What is happening is that you are being given this energy in distorted forms; the purity of the energy is dimmed a bit so it resonates with your many bodies, so you are able to truly feel this energy without it taking you overboard. As you continue to pass through more and more energy gates, the purity of this energy is gradually being increased more and more as you are assimilating the purity of it and working with it more and more. This is actually a process that is happening every day, but on these certain synchronostic dates the purity of the energy is dramatically increased, as the distorted nature of the energy is dramatically decreased, to a level where it resonates with your ever-growing  bodies. One can track these dates and the effects they are having by looking at measurements made by many civilizations of your world that are (the measurements) based upon the Creator of this universe’s cosmic cycle of growth. Your Mayan Calender would be a good example of this, but it is only one measurement of many.

Dear souls, we guide you now to detatch from every lower vibrational emotion or feeling. Negativity of any sort will hold you back immensly on your spiritual path, and many of you have begun to discover this truth for yourselves in many concrete ways. You are now coming to find that lower dimensional things simply feel out of resonance, and partaking in lower dimensional things leaves a long-lasting negative effect that is quite hard to shake off of oneself. Your media has become a lower vibration-touting machine. To any sensitive soul, they are finding that the television shows and movies displayed are beginning to all be the same; they all display the same lower dimensional aspects of Life that so many of you have grown tired of. We speak of lust, violence, fear and the alcohol/drug culture. There are many things displayed on television that will make you believe the lower vibrations are normal, as for many they are. It would be quite hard for a sensitive Lightworker to fathom many of the lower ways of Living that in fact have become quite normal for many on your world, and your media only reinforces that these things are normal, when in reality they are not. You have been lead to believe so many false truths about Life dear souls.

The biggest falsehood/greatest lie you have ever been gotten to believe is that death is the end and that nothing lies beyond it. Dear souls this has been the foundation of the lower vibrations on your world. After the fall of Atlantis the Annunaki began quite a campaign to get you to fear death. They used the destruction of Atlantis as the foundation of these fears. That event was seared into the memories of many of you, and as a result many subconsciously feared something similar happening again. The Annunaki acted upon those fears to create in you a fear of one of the most natural and Harminous transitions in Creation: that of passing on from the earthly plane to Nirvana, or what you know as death. They knew of your creation powers, and set out on a campaign to make you think that death is painful and that it is the complete end of existence. This fear provided the foundation for the many other manipulations that result in some of those on your Earth acting the way they do.

The Annunaki has since joined us on the side of the Light, but their minions on your world continue their fear based campaigns. You would know these minions as your dark ones, those who were in power on your world. We say were for a reason, as there have been many developments in favor of the Light that see only very few of them still having the same wealth and power they all had even only a year ago of your time. We have mentioned to you many times that once these changes get off the ground, they will be very swift. Prepare yourselves for very swift changes, as the Light will not stop manifesting miracles on your world once we break through the last barriers that have been put in our way, and even as we give this message those barriers are being broken through with exponential speed and progress.

Greetings to all! I AM SanJAsKa of the Pleiadian Council of Nine. We watch from our motherships as you all begin to find the growing Light in yourselves and in eachother. We have mentioned on many occasions that the Light cannot be stopped, and dear souls you are this Light! You are this Love! You are the forces for the Light that cannot be stopped. Yes we have done much to help your planet and to keep you from destroying it, but it has been your efforts, every single one of you, that have manifested this victory for the Light!!

It has warmed our hearts dearly to see you all caring for eachother and yourselves in so many ways, and as we have told you many times it has been and will be your actions of Love that bring ascension to you. Ascension is happening right now, as mentioned above through the energy gates you are going through, you are all finding yourselves much more advanced than you originally anticipated. Many of you are now feeling the vibrations, feeling the Love that you have known for so long exists behind the ego, behind your earthly perception. How you perceive a situation will factor greatly in how the situation is resolved, and how further situations are manifested. We ask you to remember this in the days ahead, as situations manifest that you may try to label. Let everything simply be, simply exist, and you will find an increased sense of Peace and Happiness in yourselves.

The way of the human has been to label, label, label, and we guide that this will hold back your growth and ultimately hold back your happiness. You have been taught quite a bit about illusion and the importance of breaking free from it, and we wish to help you in this endeavor in any way possible. Illusion creeps up on you from all around, and it can influence your thoughts and decisions more than you may realize. If you find yourselves slipping back into old patterns of thought, first recognize illusion at play and then forgive yourselves. Dear souls forgiveness of yourselves and of others is one of the most important things to practice, as it will again see you feeling much more at Peace, at One with everything. The noble tree does not hold a grudge against the lightning for causing it to lose one of it’s limbs, instead the tree is thankful for the rain that may bring the lightning about. In the same way you should not hold a grudge toward anybody, for any reason, as holding grudges will keep hate in your heart which is based in illusion.

I AM SanJAsKa of the Pleiadian Council of Nine, and together with the Pleiadian High Council wish you all to notice the signs that change is on the horizon. We know we have spoken of change being imminent several times and through several channels, but never has it been more true than now. Look around you, feel the air and the atmosphere and you will notice something different, something new. Further, when you anchor this newness into your being you will find yourselves resonating with it, embodying it, and becoming it! Dear souls, we ask you to become your ascension!!

Thank you to the Pleiadian High Council, the Pleiadian Council of Nine and SanJAsKa.



  1. Hey Wes!! Congrats on your new developments on readings!! ❤ Super idea!!! I am sure you will do brilliantly and will find this very interesting indeed! 🙂


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