SanJAsKa of the Pleiadian Council of Nine, via Jesse

Sanjaska, Pleiadian Council of Nine

I’m Sanjaska from the Pleiadian council of nine, and I bring a message through this channel. That the wonders of the golden age to come, your people are going to ascend in ways that you can’t believe. There will be mountains of opportunities ahead of you. New dreams new visions, that go far beyond your ability to comprehend can be. You will see the world as an infinite space, of which you are the creator, of which you with pen and ink will be able to write across the stars. This will be a golden age. This will be a time when free energy will enable people to live in peace and harmony with their neighbors and their brothers.

This will be a time of expanded spiritual work, where every person will be a light worker, every person will experience connection to the divine, where every person will experience their chakras grow in connectedness with the great spirit with one another. You will realize that you are a part of your own collective and your own community with your part of a far greater star consciousness, a unity within the galaxy. That we are all connected on the quantum level, we are all connected on the spiritual level, we are all connected as we are all one, we are all part of one divine creation.

It’s a gift to be part of this creation. It is a gift to experience this. A pleasure a joy a love the pure infinite love, that will fill every single piece of your heart space. The ascended masters are here to help. You guides are here to help. Your star family is here to help. We will help with this transition. We will help eradicate the dark cabal. We will help illuminate the dark cabal’s action, so that humanity will be able first time see their true history before them, choices that have led them here, so that they can experience the reality of what the cabal has done. move forward with that. You are all encouraged to send this dark cabal love. Infinite love. For they have separated themselves and their god selves from their star family. They have intentionally orphaned themselves. They and us are all one. They should be reunited. The only way to reconnect is through love. Love of the entire galaxy. To bring them back into the fold, to Christ consciousness, to love consciousness, f the greater good.

There is no doubt that this will cause some harm, both in terms of the cabal and in terms of the light workers who are trying to illuminate their souls. Fear not, for Archangel Michael, Metatron and the ascended masters, and light workers all across the galaxy, are here to aid in support of this. but as they have directly affected everybody here, there is a special role that earthlings have to play in terms of letting go of the pain, actively forgiving, and overcoming all the wrong deeds they have done, to the earth, it’s people it’s inhabitants, the animals the planets its oceans its skies, deep earth, radio waves, chemicals, nuclear reactions, the list is nearly infinite all the things they have done wrong. Including experiments, pain experiments, time experiments, they have wronged you, the more forgiveness you can find in their heart, the more they can connect back to the universal consciousness to be held accountable for what they have done. Be forced to go through some of the lower vibrational periods so that they too can ascend and reconnect with their god selves, with all humanity, creation, and all peoples.

You light workers are responsible for bringing about change. Whether you come from the Pleiadian, Sirius, Alpha Centari, Venus, old Mars, ancient cultures, or were born and created for the first time here on earth. You all have a role to play. The galaxy is watching. The universe is watching. For what goes on Earth goes on throughout the galaxy. So vanquish the lower vibrational levels felt on earth, so people can vanquish them elsewhere in corresponding locations in time space in galaxies in universes. what you do here in this moment matters. It heals it helps it brings light. It advances all cultures simultaneous. So we know that for many of you this path has been painful.

Normally in terms of the actions of the dark cabal but also in the contacts that you have chosen to serve there is great pain, but with that great pain comes great knowledge. Knowledge of self, knowledge of soul, knowledge of the universe. It’s best for you to remember these things. It’s best for you to experience them first hand. So that you can remove the birth fog, and remember your life as an ascended master, as an ascended soul, as a higher dimensional being. So that you can pull yourself and others from below the depths of the lower vibration into vibrant creation of the fifth dimension.

We your star family love, we’re here to help you. to aid you. to calm you, and support you. but despite being one, we are not you. The path to ascension comes from within. It can happen in this lifetime, the next lifetime, the future incarnation, but it must occur. All beings on this planet are blessed to be here. The frequency of this occurrence in the universe is incredibly low, despite the difficulties of being here, it is a blessing to be here. You get to ascend. You get to experience one lifetime in multi dimensions, and you live through the slavery to understand freedom. As is the case for many the life lessons you learn so much of that lesson is built within the ability to see contrast, to see both sides, to see the conflict, to see the ultimate approach, to see that which you chose versus that which you did not, and in so doing you are meant to grasp the changes that occurred.

If you are hearing this you are likely part of this star family. It is especially likely you are here from Pleiades. You may feel a longing to come home, we feel a longing to reconnect. There are many on this side who love you, who feel for you, connect with you, who have watched your every step with admiration. You have been a leader here. You have been a leader of other planets, in other lifetimes, we look up to you, and are inspired by you, for you have courage in your souls and strength within you.

The ability to foster and grow in such a dense planet is a testament to the strength of your character. Fear not, changes are coming, they are almost upon you. You will feel the ascension in your bone, your blood, your teeth, in your brain, in your body as it changes, as your perception of time changes, your perception of self changes, your perception of community changes, your connection to the earth changes, as you begin to see things that have always been there that you were not yet able to perceive.

It’s with this final message that I’ll sign off. Know you have questions about ascension, you’ll feel them, it’ll grow like a seed inside you, your body will lighten, colors will brighten, it will be as if you can see into the infinite. Trust in what you know is coming. Do not lose faith. Believe that a return is not only possible but is inevitable you will reconnect with the universal conscious. You will experience a golden age like none other on this planet. Free of war and disease. It will feel like a true reunification of your soul.

I am Sanjaska from the Pleiadian council of nine. Namaste. Blessings of strength be with you all.



  1. Immense tooth ache, ear aches, bones ache, temple pain so severe that I thought my head was going to blow off last night. Yep, I am feeling the Ascension! And I feel as if I am standing inbetween two worlds and my perception of time, self and Earth are changing by the moment.

    It is exciting and breath taking and awe inspiring and uplifting and joyous and wonderful and happy and peaceful and loving and full of light all at the same time. What a blessing it is!

    Thank you for this message. 🙂


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