Events are Always Shifting and Changing

Written by Wes Annac

There has been a plethora of discussion over the ‘Containment’ scenario as possibly replacing the ‘Mass Arrests’ scenario to neutralize the cabal, as Archangel Michael has come through to Steve Beckow and discussed the uncompassionate nature of Mass Arrests and the celestial’s willingness to shift plans to one that will indeed neutralize and expose the cabals every bit as much as any other scenario; simply in a different way.

It is interesting to see how the general Lightworker public reacts when greeted with information that plans could change to any level of degree. Assumptions are made, conclusions are reached that are perhaps inaccurate, and some choose to lash out under the assumption that since plans could have changed, the cabals are suddenly not still going to be neutralized. They absolutely are.

I wanted so very much to avoid this discussion as soon as it sprouted up, but my own sources proved to me that such avoidance would not be as possible or helpful as I perhaps realized, as these details could be more important to the overall way that things play out than I perhaps realized as well.

What is really interesting is how many have again taken to lashing out at Steve Beckow, Linda Dillon and Linda’s Archangel Michael. Many of the comments that have been received on my own blog have been about how Steve and Linda are out of touch, Linda and AAM are frauds, etc.  and it is again, interesting and strange to see such a reaction from many who are likely themselves still a bit unsure about how this whole scenario is going to play out, and have only the experience of reading one article about the subject that could have perhaps only displayed one side of what can be happening if events are indeed changing.

Many people have expressed that Mass Arrests will not send the general public into fear and chaos, as they are speaking from their own experience of being ready to see the cabal members arrested. The problem is, this is not speaking for the unawakened ones on our world who unfortunately, are still the majority and who may choose to react in a not-so-peaceful or understanding way.

Honestly, the cabalists are probably already working on a movie wherein they get arrested by a force that ends up wanting to destroy the Earth and all on Her surface. They have proven time and time again to use propaganda to unconsciously sway many as humanity as a collective has much dormant fear within ourselves, just waiting to be expressed at the right, paradigm-breaking time – and I think our Angelic brethren know this.

They must be very careful when planning out and executing the many startling events to happen on our world and while initially, I wanted nothing more than to remain neutral and stay away from this discussion, I am beginning to understand why certain scenarios may be more hurtful than helpful to the overall collective energies.

Sure, many of us who are awakening may say ‘well, I can see the cabalists taken away in handcuffs in mass numbers, and it won’t affect me one bit’. Have you thought about your neighbors, who will not have any idea how to handle what is going on or who may not even understand at first glance what is happening?

During my daily Life, I am around many unawakened souls and many of such people are indeed beginning to see the corruption of government and the need for a change. The problem is, most of these people also believe that the United States needs to be bombed or something else dramatic and horridly Life-changing needs to happen before we can see any type of positive change.

This is because these people do not have the perspective that we do, being able to consult the Galactics, Celestials etc. on matters as they unfold. And honestly, our Galactic and Angelic brethren try their darndest to keep us informed on matters as they are unfolding but even they must be very careful as it is clear how even just the general Lightworker public can tend to react when events change in ways that may not resonate with some on Earth, but in ways that are known and felt by our Angelic brethren to be the right ways to go for reasons that we likely cannot comprehend.

I know what many could be thinking: ‘Annac has only shifted his opinion to be in line with Beckow and Dillon…’ and I must stop you there. I can’t yet say that I fully support the ‘Containment’ scenario as given by Archangel Michael via Linda, but I can say that I fully understand that matters change, sometimes in bigger ways than we would expect, and the Company of Heaven are doing their very best to keep us informed on these changing developments as they shift around, knowing full well that they or those who they come through or speak to publicly could take much flack for even announcing a change of direction.

What needs to be expressed is that the overall plan for the exposure and neutralization of the cabal has NOT changed, in any way. It is simply being expressed that our Angelic brethren would like such neutralization to be performed in a way that is less upsetting to the general, unawakened public. Not the Lightworker public who is aware and will know full well what is occurring, but for those who have been clutching their guns for years, just waiting for a reason to shoot.

As told to me by my own channeled sources (you will see such a message soon) the cabals are still to be fully neutralized and given trials, so that it can be explained what they have done to humanity. It is only the events which precede their trials that may change direction from what has been discussed, but it does not mean in any way that that which we have been waiting for is not still about to transpire.

It may simply come about in a different way, and in a way that is potentially less damaging to the unawakened collective. The unawakened collective are still to have explained to them what the cabalists have done, so one does not have to worry that the cabals are somehow ‘getting off scott-free’ just because they may not be taken to their trials in handcuffs.

This is about all I personally have to say on this subject, except to remind everybody that if we want our Galactic and Angelic brethren to keep us posted and informed on events as they play out from their perspective, we must be able to handle and understand if events change in varying degrees, and we must take such changes in stride knowing full well that the cabals are going to answer for what they have done, one way or another.

Wes Annac – Incarnate Rep., GF and PHC



  1. Lia says, you can just see how much confusion it brings under the “lightworkers” when things change. I think how wonderful it is that angels and ascended masters can vieuw everything from a different angle, we are not able to see things in the same way. They can monitor our thoughts in the very best way. Why can we just not understand that they also want the very best for the humanbeings! Why can’t we just join hands and not discuss these things everything will be fine. Most people don’t know what is going on, I think in this way everything will go much better. Please let us respect each other, Steve Beckow is also doing the best he can as are all the people who try to give us information. thank you Wes Annac for all the work you are doing!!!!


  2. Best to keep in mind that humans are a changeable bunch and the galactics have to rely on what we are doing and adjust accordingly. People want divine perfection to be evident today in the same ways described in the Bible such as flawless knowledge of the future. Everytime the galactics fail to know when things will transpire they are perceived to be as flawed and limited as we. What’s worse is that if they were being led by Christ they would never be wrong about the future as surely Christ would keep them posted on such matters. Ppl can accept the ETs are just folk like us but can’t accept anyone from the universe not aligned with the one entity that most religions trust to return as promised. Many Christians understand that the so called fallen angels were just ETs so a new wave of ETs aka “Demons” (term just means knowledge. Humans were forbidden to know technology and evolve) is not very reassuring to them unless they show up with Christ as his army of Saints he said we would see in our atmosphere.


    • Hello friend, it is interesting that you said:

      “What’s worse is that if the Galactics were being led by Christ they would never be wrong about the future as surely Christ would keep them posted on such matters.”

      This is interesting because the Galactics are acting under the full authority of the Angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters, who are working directly for our Mother/Father Creator or that whom you know as Christ (who some would argue is Jesus; Sanada rather than the Mother/Father Creator)

      It is the Angels who are working with the Earth and who choose to shift events around in such ways as are being discussed as of late.

      Also, while many fifth dimensional extraterrestrials do choose to take human form, they are not ‘just people’ like us. They are experiencing a higher and more pure state of consciousness than us having ascended to the fifth dimension, whereas we are existing within the third and fourth and some humans as low as the second. They are humans, but they are Galactic, evolved humans, and their consciousness is lower only than the Christed beings whom are Guiding them.

      Much Love 🙂


  3. Thank you, Wes for bringing some balance to this issue.

    Yes, there will be accountability for crimes committed, this is Universal/Cosmic Law, yet how that happens is ultimately not in our hands, but God´s. So whatever interim action we take here in this 3d reality to bring about that accountability, the truth is that because of the gift of free will, no soul is ever judged, nor denied Divine counsel, nor the opportunity to return to the Light when freed from human bondage.

    Added to which, I think it would be beneficial for us to remember that we too have indulged in dark deeds in our past lives and we have all been blessed with God´s love and compassion when faced with those deeds.

    So why would we deny others what we have so gratefully and joyfully received, unless we care not about the karma – nor the accountability, that we in turn bring upon ourselves.


  4. Dearest Wes. Can you please ask your contact(s) their knowledge of the light chambers built underground for “each and every one of us.” I’ve just discovered you as a channel and need to know which side your contact(s) is/are on. The chambers are known Archon technology so anyone claiming these are a good thing is siding with our captors against us. We are in a deadly serious game of “Who Do You Trust.” I’ve been contacted by many entities and the Arcon collective who rely on flattering human egos to gain trust (usually telling the contactee they are a famous entity like Mother Mary reincarnated. For me they said I am the Milky Way, mother of all life in the galaxy with AA Michael aka Christ who is the son who is like God). The Archons wanted me to tell humanity that I am the light they are seeking. Thankfully I knew to reject the lies and now know what Archons “feel like” when they make contact. My Pleiadean family members felt totally different and none of them had any messages for humanity, they were just reacquainting me with them. I got the sense they hoped to jog my memory but nothing came. All I know is that I have never known such love here on Earth. My point is that I know first hand we are being contacted by beings with differing agendas. We have to be VERY cautious in spite of all the evidence that the good guys will win in the end. I vote we cheerfully accept all offers of aid but reserve signing any treaties of any kind until AFTER our rightful King of Kings takes his throne and signs on our behalf. I’m not a person who trusts the Bible except where prophecy is concerned. No prophecy of the Bible has ever failed. The “sure word of prophecy” is what separates a supernatural entity from a physical one. That said there is no way Christ will fail to run our planet for 1,000 years as stated in many prophecies. So until the rightful owner of this planet shows up there will be those fighting for or vying for control of our resources and assets. As President Reagan said of Russia as a new friend willing to disarm nuclear weapons “Trust but verify.” Let our neighbors land because we can trust that those that are helping our cosmological situation can and will prevent large scale attempts on our lives but would allow us to choose anything we like even if it will harm us in the end. Those light chambers are an easy means of knowing who NOT to trust right up front before anyone lands


    • Hello, friend. 🙂

      I have heard of some of the Light Chambers that you have discussed, and while they are Lighted technology with Lighted purposes and intents, I could see a negative race such as the ‘Archons’ utilizing similar technology for darker agendas.

      Light Chambers are meant to give a similar experience to pyramids; that is, the experience of one’s ego self being torn down in a very accelerated and quickened manner, to make room for the experience of the new self, the oversoul being anchored more purely into one’s temple.

      Again, it would make sense that the Archons would perhaps duplicate such technology and use it for devious means, but one should be discerning and understand that the Lighted versions of these technologies do exist and one will never be subjected to the will or technology of any negative race.

      Hope I could help friend,

      Much Love 🙂


  5. Hi Wes, … I hesitate to bring this up, … but your article tends to open the door to it. I have noticed for many years that there is a definite bandwagon-jumping effect with numerous channeled messages that makes me think that there is a strong human and astral element to most of them. There have been many examples over the years, but an obvious recent one is the whole matter of mass arrests. There was no talk of mass arrests until Wilcock and Drake made it famous, then it immediately started showing up in popular channeled messages including Mike Q,, Sheldan, Gregg G. and many others.

    I’m not trying to make trouble, it’s just that I can’t help but notice such things because I have followed New Age for many years and have a long memory. And it’s not that I’m a naysayer, .. I’m a lifer with this. It’s just that I have for a long time thought that The Shift will have plenty of humility in it for everyone.


    • Hello dear friend! I understand what you mean completely, and I agree with your observation.

      The problem with channels is that they are still fallible due to the ego constraints of the scribes, which usually do not cause too much distorted information to get through but it is a very true observation that some channels have taken to the ‘me too’ mindset with some issues, such as the Mass Arrests scenario.

      For me personally, I can look to a certain few times that I have scribed a message from an ascended source who completely tore down a previous mindset that I was wearing. It has been truly profound for me, dear friend and shows that the ego bias is not always overdriven in channelings.

      Like this ‘Containment’ scenario, for example. Whenever first reading about this new scenario, I have to admit to being skeptical. I did not want sources coming through me to well, pretty much do exactly what you describe here and line up behind a scenario just because it was brought forth. I guess you could say that I was wearing a very heavy and discernment-based filter in relation to this.

      What was interesting to me is that I found my Guides (Galactic, Angelic, doesn’t matter) actually and actively working to bring this mindset in myself down in an effort to get me to understand that events can and do change. I know I am getting a bit off track here but the overall point is that in my opinion, any automatic writing-based channel that is brought through is still influenced by ego to a varying degree and for some, this influence may include finding one’s sources seeming to confirm something given by another source.

      I can agree that this is absolutely an ego-bias but even still, the actual prediction or scenario itself given forth could still be genuine and were that instance to be true, those who are working through such filters are still bringing through correct and genuine information.

      And finally, it is up to us to use our own inner sense of discernment when absorbing or reading any channeled communication, mainly for the reason you just mentioned among a few others. Our own personal ascended energies and the Guidance and advice of our higher selves will always resonate. ❤ 🙂

      Much Love 🙂


      • Thank you for your thoughtful reply Wes. I agree that it does come down to the subject of your article, things change. I have been thinking it and saying it myself for years. The longer one observes the more obvious it becomes, … scenarios change, .. plans change. I wonder how many remember what it felt like in the 90s when most that were sensitive and most of the info and feeling was expecting great worldwide catastrophe. I sure felt it and remember all that very well, … and then pretty suddenly it shifted and it was gone. At least for myself and a great many others a beautiful lightness and hope of grace came over us. But there was a separation between those that went with the shift and those who held on strongly to the old impending doom thing. ……….. I forgot to mention that it was a very good article of yours here.

        Upon rereading my comment I don’t feel good about singling out certain individuals. I wish I hadn’t done that. I like those people and have a special respect for Sheldan who has been an active channeler since the mid 90s introducing some firsts to New Age I do believe. And his first book published in 2000 was a classic and one of the best of it’s kind to the present day I think.

        I want to avoid being critical no matter what comes up. I know that if I act that way it is just a reflection of how I feel about myself.

        Hope all is well, .. take good care friend.


      • Thank you dear friend, hope all is well with you as well. 🙂

        Do know that your concerns are indeed still real and justified, and I was pondering upon your comment last night after answering it and feeling very grateful for the perspective that you offered, as I had not yet seen anybody else bring it up.

        It was also the product of great discussion, and for that I thank you. 🙂 🙂

        Much Love 🙂 🙂


  6. Dear Wes,

    Thank you for putting less fuel on the fire and for clarifying things a bit more. My intuition is telling me that the neutralization of the cabal is going to be a bit of both scenarios – minus the public marching of the illuminati off to police vans such as in police force reality shows.

    My sense of it is that the cabal members that it is absolutely necessary to arrest will be taken quietly into custody and then brought to trial after people are educated a bit more through the mass media and have had a chance digest things. When they have had a chance get over the initial shock, most will settle down to the business of integrating the changes that can come forward because the cabal are no longer standing in the way of progress.

    There are cabal that members that are less deeply corrupted or not totally aware of the way they have been assisting the most horrific aims of the cabal or even the full extent of what those aims were. If they can be shifted by containment, they are in positions where they may be able to help facilitate real progress after they wake up within their containment bubbles.

    Actually, it would be great if they started by releasing the prosperity funds and new technology
    so that people start feeling really safe. Then people will be more ready to focus on all the good coming out of these happenings. Then put the cabal on trial and start explaining about our history under the cabal’s influence, after people have had a chance to relax and release a lot of their fears about basic survival. It is much easier to be forgiving when you feel truly shauniel@gmailsafe – and free.


  7. Thanks for that Wes….I hope it helps the ones who were expecting something else.
    I personally was grateful to hear of AAM’s option! It was beyond anything I could have thought of and will still take us where we are going without going backwards and creating
    more karma. As Charlie would say: Bring it!!!! woo hoo


  8. I’d like to offer my two cents worth…and I am going to present it from the perspective of someone that has lived for 45 years in the United States, but now I live on the European continent for the last 5 years, in Holland. I travel back and forth, since I have family in both places. I have a pretty good idea of the situation with the politics currently playing out in the US, and that I think is the crux of the matter, and why it is virtually impossible for the Galactics to act at present. What I think has happened is that the GFL has realized that they have landed right in the middle of a partisan conundrum, and that the cabal has used primarily the members of one of the only two parties as a base of operations. I’ll leave it to your imagination which party that is. This party has further allied itself with all the major oppressive institutions that currently are running a defacto form of corporate slavery of the American public, who are mostly unaware of the nefarious nature of this vast enterprise. This public is also completely ignorant of the involvement of 4th dimensional control structures that they simply don’t believe even exist. The public segment that supports this type of political/corporate overlording is also the most violent and uneducated, and their reaction to removing their ‘leaders’ would simply be seen as an attempt to squash the opposition politically, and pre-empt the election in November. These people would be prepared grab their weapons, and their ample supply of ammunition, and create havoc, since they are unlikely to view the ‘mass arrests’ as a blessing. I think that the GFL were too optimistic about how quickly these intransigent elements would be able to switch their stance, and awaken to the true nature of the deception they are functioning under. As we all are aware as lightworkers just how difficult it is to get even smart people to open up to these new ideas, the problem with the closed minded is magnified infinitely. If they were atheists, there would be a decenct chance they may snap out of their stupor, but unfortunately, they have been firmly indocrinated by a corrupted and very rigid religious platform that has taken control of their fervor and twisted it to see every change as a threat to their freedom and prosperity. The dilemma the GFL now faces, it they cannot identify the villains candidly for fear of being accused of taking sides in a political struggle, and they are hoping that the election will go the right way to resolve this issue. The fear I have is that they may have underestimated the power of money to sway voters, and resourcefulness of the opposition to lie through their teeth to achieve their ends.


    • Right on Pegalys, and thank you for your comment.

      I really have nothing to add to this, you said it all and you said it wonderfully. Thank you dear friend. 🙂

      Much Love 🙂


  9. Right on, Wes.

    Let us all embrace unwavering Faith in the Divine Plan.
    Let us all exercise Patience and allow the will of our Creator to unfold.
    Let us all practice Forgiveness for those who have trespassed against us.
    Let us all choose to be in Joy every day.
    Let us all begin now to wean ourselves from the internet melee about ascension and who is right and who is wrong, and begin our own inward journeys. There we will find our own truth, peace, and the keys to our own spiritual evolution.
    Let us all keep our frequencies vibrating at the highest possible level. This is what will expedite the changes we all wish to see in this world.

    Peace and Love to All,



    • Thanks Neil! ……..”Forgive those who trespass against us.” How many times I can’t count, that I have said these words and prayed this prayer and realize that I believe them now more strongly than ever.

      Your words are exactly how I am feeling at this time. Thanks for putting them together!


  10. I AGREE WITH YOU 100%!! We as human beings have been through many dangerous lifetimes together and so many wonderful recorded experiences. I am not going to allow doubt play a roll on my mission here on Earth. I am ready for these most beautiful of changes to transpire!! I want every human being and all of creation to be apart of these celestial upgrades! Time to expand your mind because the DAYS of FREEDM are upon us!! God bless us ALL!


  11. Thank you Wes for the thoughtful posting. And thanks to all who have contributed here.

    At times, the “discussion” on the channeled blogs may become focused on the “need” to know the future or the “need” to identifiy the “right way” for the process to be managed. There are two ways to be involved in discussions of this sort. When we can detach ourselves from outcomes, the discussion may become an interesting dialogue of possibilities and preferences – allowing us to remain calm in the moment, allowing us to be present, allowing us to be available for inspiration and allowing us to be in trust, not fear. If we find ourselves in worry, upset or anger about the future we are indeed not in the present moment, we are in our heads with out egos. If we are anxious about outcomes we are still tied to 3D linear conscousness – and it is a sign that more personal clearing and healing is available so that we may be restored to our own PRESENSE.

    Let us be humble in knowing that few of us have ascended into the 5th dimension where ego and emotion are vague wisps of smoke drifting away in the distance. It is grand that so many of the on line community are aligned with a “preference” for a positive outcome. Let the discussions continue. Let them be thoughtful, discerning and free from anxiety. Let us put our attention on being the peace, the joy, the calm and the love that we desire for all – and in that way, through our own consciousness create the New World now… in this moment.


  12. Wes,
    Are you aware that Salusa, through M.Q. has specifically mentioned “arrests?” And recently? Also, The GFL this very day, through G.G., for the past two days have concentrated their messages on “mass arrests.”


    • Indeed I have, dear friend. 🙂

      In my honest opinion, no matter how these scenarios play out (and different channels are indeed saying different things) the cabals are to be neutralized and we are to experience our ascension and the preceding events (disclosure, abundance, etc.)

      Much Love 🙂


  13. Events Change As We Change

    This is a great article and a brave one. We see things play out on a physical level in our world, but these things are simply the end result of the interaction of thoughts and feelings of beings both incarnated and not. The ‘battle’ starts within and manifests outward. As we change so the plans seem to change. The end point hasn’t changed, all that has changed is the way that we approach our end goal.

    We start out with an idea as to where we want to be and devise scenarios as to how we might get there, but as we progress we learn that there are higher ways of achieving the same outcome. We see the control others seem to have over us and we desire freedom. On a lower level this may play out as a physical war between the ‘controllers’ and those being ‘controlled’. We may then move on as we become more self aware to decide that mass arrest is a more ethical way of doing things, focusing perhaps on dealing directly with those who are perceived to be in control rather than pulling the population of a whole country into the fray. We may then say to ourselves that rather than seeking retribution through detainment it would instead be better if we could somehow help those in detainment to reach a higher way of being so that all can be in love and harmony. This is when we begin to connect to the one who has hurt us to develop better ways of interacting with them. Finally we may realise that those who appear to have control over us only have that control because we gave it to them. When we reach this stage we take back our control and come to realise that self and other self are one. Then we are truely free and much more aware of how it is we ourselves, how we think and feel and what we do that effects those others around us.

    You may have noticed these steps in your own life towards someone who has seemed to control you. Perhaps you had a step parent you had difficulties with for example, and as you grew up you developed new ways to perceive and and interact with them as you gained control of your own life. We are now doing this on a global scale involving people with understandings from the lowest level right up to the highest. The physical manifestations help us all to learn and grow together and to ultimately wake up together as one.


  14. I say; “patience, patience and again patience”. Many are they that wait upon events and easily “locks onto” the things that are told (and do not see the forest for the trees) and that you have had high expectations. It’s understandable. BUT we must not forget that we are different. We are definitely not one yet 🙂 Fluctuations mentally, Mood, etc. creates situations that constantly need to adjust to. Patience!


  15. Through the focus upon your own God Source, please remain in Peace as you read this comment.

    In contrast to Linda’s statement on the 2012 Scenario website that Serapis Bey serves on the 6th Ray, all Ascended Master Teachings throughout the Ages unequivocally state that the Chohan Serapis Bey serves on the 4th Ray. These same Ancient Wisdom Teachings state that Nada is the Chohan of the 6th Ray of Peace, Ministration, and Service. Oops . . . this is not some small technicality.

    As Master Morya (and recently Cobra) have stated, the accuracy of all channeled information is only as good as the human consciousness through which it is funneled. This is especially true when it comes to the amazingly inaccurate channelings of Linda Dillon. The problem with Linda Dillon’s channelings is that they contain enough truth to be very enticing. However, as a disciple of the true Ascended Masters for 27 years, I must sadly say that her channelings come from a very clever unascended entity on the astral plane, who provides enough truth to wrap its tentacles around the vulnerable and/or gullible individual who has a very superficial knowledge of the Teachings of the Ascended Masters.

    I have actually seen my I AM Presence, and these channelings bear no resemblance to Purity or to the Ascended Master Octave of Light. Please use your discretion in all of her channelings. Steve Beckow and Linda Dillon have had a co-dependent relationship for many years. This very cunning unascended astral entity continues to be a blight on Steve Beckow’s otherwise credible website, which “AAM” now calls “my platform.” This entity gives folksy, feel-good channelings because that will win the most listeners. The real Ascended Masters provide the hard truth, filled with the fire, the details, the exquisite love, and the refinement that is completely missing from the very vague, general, copy and paste information from Linda Dillon’s entity. The absence of any discussion of the Ascended Masters’ requirement of the Discipline in the use of the Violet Flame to gain the Purity required for the Ascension is tragic.

    “There are many professing to know Me, to be followers of Me, to be giving out My teachings, and who are teaching and preaching the way of at-one-ment; but, who, outwardly to others, and in their innermost thoughts, are so mixed up with their personalities, are so influenced and controlled by them, that they do not know Me, even though they proclaim daily that I am leading them and speaking through them . . . It is true I do speak through such; but not as they understand. For they, personally, even though priding themselves over the beautiful thoughts that flow from their mouths at times, and the help these thoughts are to others, know not when I speak and when their personality.”
    The Teacher – The Way Out

    You can find much higher information presented through the true Ascended Masters. The Theosophical Society took place while the Occult Law was still in place that did not allow for the full knowledge of the I AM Presence and the use of the Science of the Spoken Word, especially the use of the Violet Flame. For more accurate, accelerated, and useful information about Peace, Purity, Discipline, the Will of God, the 4th Ray, Serapis Bey, El Morya, and Ascension, please read any of the books that were dictated through Guy Ballard (I AM Activity), Nicholas Roerich (The Agni Society), Geraldine Innocente (The Bridge to Freedom), and Mark Prophet (The Summit Lighthouse). Serapis Bey has written an exquisite book called “Dossier on the Ascension” through Mark Prophet which is considered the highest source of information regarding the Ascension — how to gain Ascension through Purity and Discipline and what is involved in the Ascension process.

    A far more accurate, detailed, and straightforward source of the status of the current mass arrests, as well as numerous other events, comes from Cobra, who receives his information directly from the Pleiadians, not through any channeled messages. These messages are filled with the balanced Compassion, Wisdom, Honor, Truth and Justice of the God Presence that clearly indicates these messages are coming from the higher realms and Cobra’s own soul’s connection with his God Source. Please see the transcript of his 19-page interview with Alexandra Meadors:

    In Peace, in Truth, and in Love, I AM.



    • Hello friend, and thank you for your comment and opinion. I must admit to there being much in this comment that does not personally resonate with me, and I appreciate the notice put at the top. 🙂

      As with everything, we must simply take what resonates with us individually and let the rest be. There are some who resonate supremely with the beings coming through Linda Dillon, and regardless of one’s own research and personal feelings in these regards, we will all make our way to heaven on our own paths, and all paths should be honored.

      We focus ourselves too much in this day and age, on things such as this; whether or not Linda and AAM through Linda are genuine or deceiving, and we miss the real ‘golden fruit’ so to speak and reason that we are here in this time: to find our way to heaven, collectively and individually.

      I personally have taken much spiritual sustenance and gained much insight from Archangel Michael, via Linda, Ron, and a plethora of other (in my opinion) genuine scribes of His energies and Guidance.

      We all make it back to the Source, regardless of which wayshowers we use to assist us in reaching such places. The pull is nearly gravitational and evolutionary and even if Linda and AAM through her were truly deceiving or at the very least, off – it would not stop anybody absorbing their material from ascending. It may simply give some different ideas as to how this ascension is to occur.

      Again, thank you for your comment. 🙂

      Much Love,

      Wes 🙂


  16. Excellent article Wes, thank you! (And some really good responses here too!) While I would prefer (do to my nature as an accountant) to be handed a memo with a schedule containing details including dates and time, I know it is critical for us to be flexible while still always holding the light for the highest outcome. And BELIEVE! For it is so! Love to you, Dear!


  17. It may simply come about in a different way, and in a way that is potentially less damaging to the unawakened collective. The unawakened collective are still to have explained to them what the cabalists have done, so one does not have to worry that the cabals are somehow ‘getting off scott-free’ just because they may not be taken to their trials in handcuffs.”
    Wes Annac

    The above while well intended, is quite misguided. It is off the mark. Hammartia. Higher guides of our collective at this time are not concerned with the unawakened, the strategy of containment as opposed to arrest is to preserve and improve  the vibration of the awakened. This successfully completed will then beckon to the unawakened. Becoming elated by the arrest of anyone establishes a toe hold for misguided energies. Those energies and timelines loom quite ominous. Be careful what you wish for applies. I honor the path of those darkened by guides of shadowy intent. I anticipate the opportunity where our paths cross and I may teach the choices of light. I choose a gentle re union with my brothers that they may teach me as well.
     The fork in the road for them will come yet again. I wait with patient, gentle anticipation a bit further down the path. I realize they have chosen as I had chosen lifetimes before to hear and listen to guides whose counsel lies off the mark and centered on pleasing the self at the expense of the collective. We must await and guide them gently past this error. Gently past and to the open arms of love, safety and abiding joy. Here then is the only answer, this chance as it was given us that we may further extend to them this time in this now that if so may last a lifetime of forever. It is the only way. It is the way of one of source to extend source now and always to the all. The Son in Him beckons to us all. Hear his cry amidst his fallen rage. Hear his plea beyond the draw of his gun or the swipe of his pen. He cries that you save him. Step away from his sight that you may see his tears. Close your ears that you may hear his plea for release. He now echoes your call once before. I answered your call that you may extend it to him. The time has come not for one to play one, nor for one condemn one. Those who have eyes that now see and ears that they now hear must join as they will to so extend what was given to them. They have now of peace. They have now of love. They have the purity of the Father given unto them if only to be of purity that it may be given to the least of thy brethren. Who now is lesser let them come unto me. Let them now come unto you. When they come, let them be given. Honor their path that you have traveled as well. Give them the joy of your redemption and the forgiveness of your soul. Thus will you gain as you have given of your gain. The prodigal Son now returns. Give of Him what it is that I have given unto you.


    • I’m sorry friend, but I didn’t read your comment past this:

      “The above while well intended, is quite misguided. It is off the mark. Hammartia. Higher guides of our collective at this time are not concerned with the unawakened..”

      I must stop you there. Our Guides are absolutely concerned with the unawakened. Why would they not be? This entire effort has been to help awaken the unawakened who could use that little bit of extra ‘push’ for them to awaken. There will be many who will choose against such an awakening but dear friend, the entire purpose of the Divine Intervention taking place has been to help the unevolved to evolve.

      Many of us are here on this world from higher realms simply to be of such assistance to the unawakened. What would be the purpose of higher dimensional souls incarnating here, just for our Angelic brethren to only be concerned about lifting us, and only us, back up instead of the unawakened as well?

      It makes little sense and I’m sorry, but it just isn’t the truth. Helping the unawakened is the entire purpose of this effort.

      Much Love 🙂


  18. Mass arrests and the seeking, waiting and hoping for such will serve to assist the evolved(awakened)to unevolve or sink back into three d cycle. Arrests are separation. All are love and innocent as we have all played the parts of victim/victimizer.

    The unevolved must choose to seek. When they seek they will find. Thus they so awaken.

    The awakened’s role is to provide solace amidst chaos, within the confines of choice. Teach peace and love not the expectation of redemption through separation.

    This has been given to me.

    Of Love. Dee.


  19. We all know that higher realms beings can access to Akashic records to know the whole truth about the events and feelings of person, but we , the 3D beings, cannot. This is a huge difference when criminals are to be assessed their crimes.

    The confusion and the big surprise of ‘containments’ instead of ‘mass arrests’ has risen because angels want to use their higher dimensional knowledge in the 3D realm. In my opinion, they should do so in the soul level rather than the 3D physical level. Why that ‘pardon’ is only applicable to the cabal regimes? There are many human beings whose soul belongs to the light and yet, they faced arrest and were punished accordingly. Why are these cabal members treated differently, or rather ‘specially’? It sounds unfair in 3D perspective.

    And for the general public who are currently unaware of what is going on, I wonder how many would be happy to see these criminals escaped from prosecution and be able to carry on their daily life without a scratch when the truth becomes public knowledge?


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