Cynthia: Entering the Path of Ascension

Written by Cynthia

Finding a coinI first heard of Ascension last fall. I think it was mid October when I stumbled on the matter while researching something completely different.

I was skeptical as first, even though I had meditated on and off for about 20 years. But the more I read, the more I became excited at the prospect. I was even having Ascension symptoms prior to knowing about Ascension.

I really questioned myself about the symptoms I was having. Were they just a convenient excuse to steer me away from what I thought I should be focusing on? Were they permission to get into some pretty weird behavior?

I decided I really had nothing to lose by participating in the increasing energy to create a better world.

But the more I participated, which was daily, the more I found myself transforming personally. I didn’t expect to “leave the planet” but simply wanted to join in its transformation. I felt honored just to be a part of it.

I notice other results. My acknowledgement and acceptance of the spiritual realm becomes more solidified daily. I’m much kinder to myself by allowing my imperfections, so to speak. I’ve accepted that I and everyone else can be spiritual and still have what is often described as very human flaws, although they really aren’t flaws.

They’re just areas for growth and that growth is guaranteed and unlimited.

I willingly asked for and received guidance and healing. I also received moments of grace and presence that served to validate my experiences. I’ve felt the intense energies and the lulls. I’ve been sent what I think of as signs for my personal reassurance, one of them being coins come upon serendipitously. (I’ve always intuitively considered that finding coins was the universe’s way of telling me that abundance is on the way.)

I think my background in Psychology helped prepare me to accept the miraculous and was a precursor to a heightened level of spirituality because of the link between forgiveness and healing, and accepting others exactly as they are.

But that was just the starting point, because adding spiritual practice accelerated my entire healing and growth process in ways that were truly awesome. As Marianne Williamson has said, “it doesn’t matter where we start.” We don’t really earn it based on what we have or haven’t done in the past, but we do build upon it.

I felt the conflicts of attempting to live in the so-called real world but somehow knowing internally that there had to be a better way to exist, to get things done, and improve conditions on the planet. There had to be a better way to influence and help others and the political situation, and move humanity forward and include the needs of everyone.

There is. And they range from reinforcing critical mass through meditation to expressing our voices through political activism to extending love and gratefulness out into the world. All of these, I’m learning, are far more effective than I earlier suspected.



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