Steve Beckow: The Role of Divine and Human Contexts in the Building of Nova Earth

Nova EarthWritten by Steve Beckow, The Golden Age of Gaia, July 10, 2014

I said yesterday (1) that contexts help us see where we can go in building Nova Earth. They clarify and illuminate.

I’d like to illustrate that by making a distinction between two contexts – the divine and the human – for the usefulness it may provide in envisioning our common mission as light workers here to carry out that task.

By the “divine” as a context, I mean the divine qualities and the universal laws or what one could call “the divine way of life” or “the divine side of things.”

By the “human” as a context, I mean the behavioral side of life, the experiential, observational, here-and-now aspect of things.

Both views are contexts in that both take a holistic, inclusive, and unitive perspective of events, relationships, and organizations. No condition and no people are left out. Theirs is a win/win, you-and-me perspective.

I’d like to suggest that we, the ground crew, are here to integrate the two contexts in the building of Nova Earth, a world that works for everyone.

The Divine Context

If we look at the divine side of life, I have to acknowledge that I haven’t studied the universal laws to the extent where I feel able to discuss them at length. (3)

Mostly what I’ve concentrated on are the divine qualities. Love is not itself a quality. It’s the substratum of life, the nature of God itself.  But peace, truth, bliss, etc., are qualities associated with God.

These qualities are like road markers on the journey back to God.

If God is everything, then we must be God.  If God is One without a second and we were not God, then we would be a second. Since that cannot be, we must be God.

Therefore the divine qualities must already be ours. We must be shedding the illusions and other barriers that keep us from realizing ourselves as God. The divine qualities must always, already be ours for the uncovering.

The Human Context

The difference between this and previous generations of lightworkers is, in my view, that previous generations took as their mission solely the encouragement of all people to reach out and attain the divine condition of enlightenment.

But this generation is not only given to the attainment of the divine condition of “enlightenment plus” – by which I mean Ascension – but also the grounded achievement of building Nova Earth.

With this second and unique goal, this generation of lightworkers adds to the divine emphasis a second directed to creating, on the Earth plane, whether in the Third, Fourth or Fifth Dimension, a world that works for everyone, with no one left out – literally, heaven on Earth. (2)

The aspects of life relevant to the human or behavioural side of things are such matters as communication, relationship, organizational behaviour, etc.

The elements of those areas they tend to focus on are integrity, personal responsibility, completion of issues, full self-expression, satisfaction, awareness, aliveness and so on.

People who examine these matters include workshop leaders, trainers, psychotherapists, academics, spiritual teachers, and others.

It’s within our power to model Fifth Dimensionality and serve as an invitation to ascend. But it isn’t within our power to change the choice of one who elects to remain in the old Third.

And it’s within our power to build Nova Earth, a place that expands the area of global workability in every respect – health, peace, integrity, personal responsibility, etc.

Our ability to experience and attain the divine condition is aided by the energies that the Divine Mother is and has been sending to us, directly from the heart of One. We have the assistance of galactic civilizations from many areas of space and many dimensions of existence.

And we ourselves bring to the task the experience of Ascension on this and other dimensions. As we gradually rise, our memory of this background will, I’m led to believe, return to us and aid us in our work.


(1) See “Worry No longer Trumps Love” at

(2) If you keep in mind that what the prophets and apostles of the Bible meant by the term “heaven” is the Fifth Dimension.

(3) Kathleen W. begins the discussion of universal laws in “Within and Without, Above and Below” at


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