Russell Eric Dobda: Getting in Touch With Our Higher Self

Note from Wes: Russell has released two new apps for guided meditation: Guided Meditation Tracks and Binaural. More information about the apps can be found in the last few paragraphs of this post. I hope you enjoy this article as much as I did!
By Russell Eric Dobda
We’ve all heard this concept of our ‘true self’ or ‘higher self.’ You might have also heard of the ‘false self.’ What does this mean? Are we schizophrenic? Are these entities something inside us? Are they something separate from us? Is it us? I like to think of our ‘true self’ or ‘higher self’ as the consciousness behind all the layers. It is the ‘you’ that exists before all the conditioning of being an earth creature in this modern social world made up of judgments, transient desires, physical needs, and shields we create to protect ourselves.

Our essence of the ‘higher self’ is the guiding consciousness that decided to bring us here into this physical form. It’s wishes are beyond our ego and in tune with all that is… That is to say, all that’s everything within us and all that’s beyond us, which are essentially, the same thing… otherwise known as the oneness.
Intentions make the world go round. In everything we do, we are setting intentions. When we set an intention for something to happen in our life, we can do it from one of two places. We can set an intention from our ‘false self’ where it is based on a short-term desire or transient pleasure to satisfy some immediate need that the ego has convinced us we are lacking. When we set an intention from our ‘true self,’ we are looking beyond the transience and beyond our own ego into something much larger and more permanent. It is set for our ‘greatest good,’ which is not only, in the end, in the best interests of ourselves, but also in the best interests of the universe, and consequently, everyone in between.

For example, we might set an intention to have a million dollars. This is a perfectly fine intention to set if it comes from the right place. Let’s say you have a vision to help the world in a specific way that can only be accomplished through a capital investment of cash. Say, a healing center in the middle of a big city to help the huddled masses connect with their true purpose through yoga, meditation, and positive vibrations (just as an example). The intention comes from a place of love, expansion, and empathy. You want to connect to the world and lift others.
This is a valiant effort. Likely, it might take a bit more work than just a pile of cash, but it might be a good start to get the flow going, especially if your vision is clear about your desire to help the world. It would be hard to argue that this intention is selfish or could have a strong chance of hurting yourself or others because it is based on love and compassion. Also, the result of your intention brings out the true self of others, and the positive actions are paid forward to make the world a richer place.
On the other hand, let’s say your intention for a million dollars comes from a motive of looking rich to impress your neighbor or get a trophy wife. Obviously, this seems like something from your false self, not only because it is clearly selfish, but it has a high likelihood of ending in disaster one way or another. For example, by feeding into a competition with the Jones’s or attracting a shallow woman only interested in your money, you are perpetuating the false self of others.
So, when we set intentions, it is important that we always set our intentions from our higher self. When I personally set intentions, I like to add on a little extra bit to every intention:
‘My goals are achieved in a way that is for my greatest good, which is for the greatest good of the universe and those around me.’ ~My intention
This is a way of telling the universe not to necessarily take the easy road of exploitation that might ultimately end in heartache, but to stay the course on a path that leads to lifting others and ourselves in a way that helps the divine source of all from which we sprung.
Guided Meditation Treks has just released a new app for iOS, which is an app-based version of Guided Meditation Treks, Volume 1. Four meditations of spoken word, binaural beats, isochronic tones, pink noise, and nature sounds help you connect to your higher self. The album and iOS app takes treks to “Meet Your Spirit Guide,” “Heal a Relationship,” “Reprogram a Counterproductive Thought Pattern,” and “Manifestation.” Each meditation uses binaural beats and isochronic tones, and each frequency was selected with a specific purpose in mind, so all you need to do is sit back and relax while you connect to your higher self and do so from a place of love and compassion instead of fear and competition.
Also released is another tool for iOS, called Binaural, which allows you to generate create combinations of binaural beats and isochronic pulses for your own use with your own intention, and of your own creation. The app refers to a library of different frequencies that have been shown to create different effects, and it allows you to enter the frequencies into the tool and see how they work for you.

The power of intention is an unlimited channel of energy. Be sure that when you use it to manifest your desires, the energy is channeled through your ‘true self’ instead of your ‘false self’ for long-lasting effects that have a positive impact on yourself and the world around you at the same time.



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