Breathtaking Art That Will Help You Reconnect and Fight to Protect Nature

From Higher Perspective, December 28, 2015

21-year-old Finland Artist Jonna ‘Scandy Girl’ (Jonna Lamminaho) has created breathtaking fine art pieces that remind us to preserve nature and of the wild spirit behind some of the beautiful animals that we share this world with.  

Connecting with nature through art is one of the beautiful ways that we can inspire people to preserve the natural parts of this world so that future generations can also be in awe of the sheer beauty that is out there. These timeless pieces seemingly connect you with the soul behind the animals, their emotions, and the surrounding elements.

Many of these images also show was appears to be the weeping of the animals.  Though animals don’t cry with tears they have powerful emotions just like we do and can experience the loss of their family and friends. We need to remember our impact on nature and make sure we are showing respect to those we share this earth with by preserving their rights and homes.

As deforestation removes the natural habitat of our wild animals and hunters and poachers pick off the rest we need to remember that animals are beings that deserve respect too. They have families and need love and respect just like we do.

Countless hours go into developing a skill like this. The patience and mastery that Jonna dedicates to these images gives us a small glimpse into her soul as well, enjoy.


Galaxy Lion.







Earth Elephant
‘You are not alone.’


‘Day and Night’


This painting speaks for itself.



“‘I’m nothing without you’ my black bear is done!.. Took around 7 hours. Hope you guys like it!”-Jonna

This water color painting took around 6 hours to complete.
This watercolor painting took around 6 hours to complete.




‘Last one’ the artwork tells about polar bear who is the last one alive and how painfull it is to think that there was once a family but not anymore. I hope we dont see this day coming that there would only be one polar bear left. ” -Jonna

Thank you Jonna for moving our hearts and sharing your art with the world.


Image Credit: Jonna Lamminaho


One comment

  1. Your artwork is very Beautiful! It makes my heart break and I cried looking at it. I have been crying for Mother Earth and all her beautiful Beings for years now..


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