New-Age Social Activism

quiet dayBy Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

Having given up confrontational posturing and manipulative behavior, I’m having to re-invent myself in the area of social activism.

Granted I’ve been asked to refrain from taking a role in it (I have other duties), still one cannot ignore the social action that’s taking place.

At the outset, I need to say that I support using all available means to get the message across to Third-Dimensional politicians that government must return to the people.

I’m not willing to conduct social activism any longer the way I used to. In the olden days,  I used social activism to generate the sense of  self-importance I hungered for. My confrontational posture gave me an “edge” in those days and energy to push a point through.

I don’t have that edge any more. So I don’t come at the subject from the same place. I don’t know how I come at it any more.

But, if we’re to have peace in the world, we’re all going to have to give up our confrontational edges, the pointy end of the spear, so to speak.

Speaking more generally, in my view, the social activism of the New Age needs to proceed by certain principles. The first is that it must be in alignment with the divine qualities and the Divine Plan.

Several decades ago, we could get by with not knowing about things like the universal laws but we can’t any longer. The Laws of Karma, Attraction, Free Will, Transmutation, etc. impact us though we ignore them. We do so now at our peril.

Two world wars should have shown us that we can’t get away with ignoring the laws.  We destroyed the lives of tens of millions out of a failure to understand how the universe works. And we only invited as our future an elite that intended to finish the job of the last two wars.

We now have to refuse to participate in such a world. However that refusal can be expressed without endangering the person. Purely mental refusal is entirely acceptable.

The second principle is that the outcome of today’s social activism must be of benefit to all; it must be a global win/win. Anything else will leave residue and fester.

Life is not a zero-sum game, as we’ve been told, where for me to win you have to lose. Life, we’re now being shown, is infinitely expansive and abundant. It’s only our dense level of vibration that prevents us from knowing, experiencing and realizing this.

A third principle is that the vision for what we’re building needs to be the widest, deepest, and most holistic we can make it.

The widest, deepest vision for me is a world that works for everyone.

When this much chaos reigns, people open up to higher-dimensional visions and largescale solutions.

Finally, our creations must come from love or they won’t produce the results we desire. Sanat Kumara discussed the matter in the last Hour with an Angel.

“You are building the new. But if your daily life, if your inbreath and outbreath are not in alignment with love, with the truth of who you are, bright angel, then the external construction will not be of the truth, and the peace, and the love that you are  seeking. It will not be the genuine reflection of the universe that lies within thee.” (1)

We know we have undefeatable support from the other side. If what we do comes from love, if it aligns with the Mother’s Plan and if we ask for celestial help, I believe our social action in this direction would be irresistible.

Social action could mean the rallying and organizing of the message on all alternative media – blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

It could mean the refusal and withholding of service. Strikes and boycotts are examples.  These could be coordinated online so as to make the public will  felt.

It could mean marches, like a march to take back Washington from the cabal, provided they were peaceful.

All of our social action needs to come from a grounded and centered, balanced and peaceful place. Without make-wrong; opposing behavior, rather than people.

We need to deliver the message to our politicians that we’ll no longer tolerate a government of the elite, by the elite, and for the elite. Government must return to the people.

It isn’t up to the Third-Dimensional politicans to set the agenda any longer. It’s up to us.


(1) Sanat Kumara, An Hour with an Angel, Jan. 26, 2017, at


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