Absolute Love

By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

If I were privileged enough to live in a state of perpetual love, as love is known on the Fifth or higher dimensions, I would allow that I’ve ascended.

The love that I knew for an extended period of time in 2015 definitely would be quite to my satisfaction as a perpetual diet. (I like bliss as well though.)

That love came from my heart. It didn’t come from outside.

I watch some people chasing their boyfriends or girlfriends down so they can “get love.”  It does no good to say “love comes from within, from the artesian well that we call the heart.” The density of our vibrations will not allow us to easily “get” that one.

I’d imagine most people experience transformative love – what others call universal love, “real” love, or unitive consciousness – at the most a few minutes a year. I experienced it much less than that before I had my heart opened on March 13, 2015.

That term “opening” means something. It wasn’t for me a mental operation or even an emotional one. It felt like a huge cork exploded from the champagne bottle. And a river of love flowed through me.

Is this what they’re talking about? I asked myself, and set off on many months of loving joyfulness and exploration.

People assume I’m talking about an attitude. My heart (attitude) was closed and now it’s open. I am open-hearted. I am close-hearted.

I’m not referring to an attitude.  I’m referring to what feels like a tangible explosion in the heart area, clearing out all the blockages and allowing love to flow, consistently and over long periods of time (just not permanently)

You’ve either had it or not and, if you have, you definitely will know it. If you haven’t, it doesn’t make you bad or wrong. But you may wish to ask for the experience.

Being in transformative love proved so much of what the saints and sages, galactics and celestials have been saying. Love is everything. Love creates. Love preserves. Love transforms.

God is love in stillness and in action. There’s nothing in this or any other universe whose constituents, at the absolute level, are anything other than love.  Love is God, One without a second.

Oh my, don’t get me started. This love is alive. It’s nourishing. It’s not the processed love we call romance. It’s not the purely physical joy of orgasm.

OK, maybe those joys are like a very small bite of a very delicious enchilada. But we want the whole enchilada. Transformative love is the whole enchilada.

If no one was getting what I’m saying, it wouldn’t matter. I wouldn’t stop.

Love has that effect. Serving love, what happens on the outside pales in significance. I’m bait on the hook, dancing in the current, hoping to lure some Very Big Fish to swallow me up. That Very Big Fish is Absolute Love.



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