February’s Lunar Eclipse; How to Navigate the Energies

By Shannon Hugman, The Master Shift

This month’s Lunar Eclipse is more than just another full moon (happening on February 10th/11th depending on where you are in the world).

It is an energy activation.

It’s an invitation to step into mastery. It’s a call to action. However it’s not the action we may think. 

Let me begin by saying that master lessons are not easy. They call for us to shift perspectives, take responsibility for ourselves and do things we’ve never done before. The energy very much suggests that this is the end of an era. I’m thinking of this time as “final exams” for the collective. Graduation is so close yet we still have a lot of studying and review to do.

I remember when I was in college I hated exam time. I was constantly stressed and in fear of what the test would be. Feeling like a victim to the professors and instituions who got to decide what I would be served. 

It’s entirely normal to feel powerless right now. To feel like we have no control and it’s okay to feel victimized. 

The lesson however is to know that we’ve chosen to be here. I chose to go to college so ultimately even though I did not want to write the exams I created the fact that I had to take them. 

There’s tornados of drama swirling around our planet right now. The key challenge is to make it about you. What is the collective drama mirroring within you? Any external event is a reflection of inner turmoil. Blaming, shaming or targeting the “bad guys” will not bring solutions; it will only keep us trapped and stuck in the same old stories. 

I first just have to say it but the challenges we are facing globally are nothing new. Hatred,discrimination, injustice etc are an intricate part of the human experience. It’s our shadow side. We’ve been able to coast through life ignoring it for the most part but now we are at a braking point.

Hate has had its grip on humanity for centuries if not millennials. Fighting hate with hate doesn’t work. Instead we have to crank up the love.

This starts with you. And me. Each of us individually deciding to love ourselves no matter what is what will ignite the fire that burns these archaic instituions to the ground.

Revolution is an inside job.

How much love can you bring?

How much can we reclaim the parts of ourselves we have rejected?

How deep can we accept ourselves, our current situation and our desires?

Let’s infuse love into our lives. Into our struggles and our battles. 

May we bow to our triggers and understand the messages they are bringing. When we are upset by something outside of ourselves it is a call to ask:

What is my part in this?

How have I co-created this?

How can I love it?

How can I root into my worthiness to attract what I really desire?”

There’s an untapped supply of love within each of us. It is now time to connect to that. Allowing it to wash over us, soothing our logical minds and holding us in unconditional love. 

We simply have to tap into it. May we all go do that.

Most importantly may we all let love lead.

About the Author: Shannon Hugman is an intutitive astrologer, artist, emotional healer and more. Shannon is offering specific guidance for each of the 12 signs and a guided healing meditation to connect with this Full Moon on a deep level. This sign specific forecast and energy healing meditation is only $4.44 and can be ordered here. Shannon is is available for personal intuitive astrology readings and emotional healing sessions which can be purchased through her website.


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