Truth Will Find It’s Way; A Poem

By Alecu Ursu, The Master Shift
Yesterday I fell under a spell,
Today I can still hear the bell,
Two souls shared the same light,
Two souls shined so bright,
My thoughts are flying out of sight,
Once in awhile life feels right,
There are souls to be bound,
There is happiness to be found,
Truth to be around, silence waiting to sound,
Eyes wide open, so much magic unspoken,
Gifting your smile, worthy of thousands miles,
Hoping one day, truth will find it’s way.
About the Author: Young in age and old in soul.
Alecu was born in the Republic of Moldova in November of 1993. Right at the start of his acquaintance with the life, he received a gift from it, and the gift was: severe sepsis [at the age of 3 months]. Through a miracle, he survived. Doctors who said that he will never be able to stand on his two feet were proved wrong, and so his journey began. A journey which sometimes Alecu can’t find the right name for it.

He entered in one of the best schools of Moldova [ Liceul Teoretic Dante Alighieri ], simultaneously he visited neurology once in 6 months because of the footprints of sepsis. More or less family Ursu handled the life well. Till we received the second gift from life: Lyme disease[in 2009].

Because of Lyme disease, Alecu was forced to end his studies and dreams about future. This tough battle with Lyme that lasts till now keeps him in chains.

In order to fight better with his disease, he moved from the Republic of Moldova to Germany. After a short time, the whole family moved to Germany.

Alecu is passionate about music, reading, and a little bit of technology. He is not the saddest person nor the happiest. He is eager to learn and appreciate the smart minds, hoping that one day he will come closer to them.


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