Untying the Knots that Bind Us

Credit: Kyowell, Deviant Art

By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

This being an exceptionally busy time for me, my mind is active a lot and I get to watch the thoughts that arise.

But even more importantly, I get to watch the impact of the charge we put on those thoughts – the energetic attachments or what Matthew Ward calls “streamers.”

Imagine an energy machine with a hand-pulled lever. Beside it is a set of gradations which represents levels of energetic attachment to the thought.

Mystified is the lowest level of energetic attachment. (1)

Belief is the next highest.

Thinking it through is still higher.

Feeling it through is higher still.

Acting upon it and gathering evidence is yet higher.

Reaching the point of knowing you don’t know is the highest level of unconscious awareness.

Here is the line between unconscious awareness (as Werner Erhard defines it) and conscious awareness.

In the space of not knowing, the mind having fallen silent, the truth can arise.  Living in that realized truth is living in conscious awareness.


I dwell on the matter of “conscious awareness” because some people are using the term to mean only that one has awakened to the truth of the Golden Age, Ascension, Disclosure, etc.

No, that’s not a change in state of consciousness. That’s just a unique realization, an “Aha!”

Werner Erhard would say it’s a change in content, but not a change in context – the way content is held.

The change from one state of consciousness to another — that is, from unconscious awareness to conscious awareness – comes upon passing from not knowing to knowing.

Let me expand that statement. A transition must have taken place from not knowing to what Werner called “natural knowing” for me to define that state as “conscious awareness.”

The person no longer believes, thinks, feels, is convinced by evidence, or doesn’t know the truth. The person knows the truth.

And, no, as a matter of fact, I don’t live my life in conscious awareness. I wish I did! And we all will.

That’s what we’re aiming for and why we cleanse ourselves day after day and untie the knots that bind us.


(1) I credit Werner Erhard and the est Network for the gradations, which I’ve reworded. They’re the “Dimensions of Knowing” from the est Training, 1979.



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