Beliefs, Ridicule, and Conditioning

By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

Right now I’m observing the power, the energetic attachment, that my beliefs have.

I felt bliss arise on my inbreath and I heard me say to myself that I can have bliss arise any time I want by simply breathing into it.

Immediately a second voice arose and said “No, you can’t. I don’t believe it.”

“I don’t believe it”: There’s such a negative energy attachment to that statement. In the face of it, the one who believes often submits.

And this is how I live my life – in obedience to a belief system which I know darn well is insufficient to explain the situation accurately.

It’d be as if I didn’t believe in empirical materialism, but I was asked to write academic papers in support of it as a philosophy. I couldn’t do it.

But I submit to other, equally-obnoxious belief systems every day. We all do.

And that is a factor in keeping me small. It must go.


The side of me that knows and respects the mystical truths has been so badly battered over my lifetime, so ridiculed, that I have no weight-bearing ability to speak of in the area.  I submit all too easily to ridicule and retire.

The worst incident for me was being asked to address my 50th high-school reunion, telling them about the Golden Age and finding out they didn’t want to hear about it.

Someone wrote recently that the older generation is tired and is waiting for the younger generation to take the lead.

In the area of explaining what’s happening to the unbelieving, definitely. To the newly-awakened, I’d appreciate it. I’ve always preferred to work with advanced studies rather than introductory.

Someone also needs to address the social trauma that this generation of lightworkers have suffered, through years and years of ridicule and hiding out. It’s touched a deep chord in me: I find myself sniffling at the thought of it.

In the most general vein, however, how are we going to break free of the power of belief systems on us?

Oh yes, I’ve read all kinds of things about it, all kinds of manuals. But now I’m underneath the hood of the car and the manual is buried in some box somewhere. How am I actually going to handle breaking free from the power of belief systems?

At this moment, I know I don’t know.


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