Relax Into Your Flow

By Phoebe Brown,

Love and accept who you are and where you are. Love and accept your own timeline – no one is better or worse, more or less capable of ascending to greater spiritual heights. We live in a world of duality, and we humans tend to view thing as polar opposites – good/bad, better/worse, higher/lower…..but that is an illusion of this 3d reality where we exist right now. We each live in our own flow. We all flow from the same Source, and at the appropriate time we will flow back to the same Source.

If we resist where we are, if we don’t love, accept and honor where we are, and love and honor our personal timeline – it becomes like a sponge, with a suction holding us back. Love and accept your own place in spiritual growth – let it go, and you will be set free to move forward. Letting go seems like the opposite of our human tendency, but is very important, it will help set you free. We are all exactly where we are supposed to be, at exactly the right time we are supposed to be here.

I will use Algebra as an example. We can all remember a time when we were totally confused with Algebra and just couldn’t  ‘get it’. Then maybe the next year, or the year after, we look at it and we think, “Oh. I get it. Why was it so difficult for me before?” It is the same with our personal spiritual growth, it will happen naturally at the proper time. Source knows when we are ready for something new, and will gently and lovingly lead us along our path of growth according to our own personal place on our timeline.

We all possess the same capabilities because we are all tapped into the same Source. We each just embrace new capabilities at different times. If someone discovers an ability before us doesn’t make them ‘better’, in fact, we should be happy for them – not jealous. We should celebrate them. As more people awaken and continue in their own spiritual growth, it promotes the growth of humanity as a whole. We each grow at different rates, and that is perfectly fine. We are each special in our own way, and the lessons we have personally learned are of great benefit to the overall growth of humanity. So don’t diminish yourself or your lessons learned thus far. For in doing so, aren’t we diminishing Source? So give yourself a break! Lighten up! Love who you are now and where you are now…..the growth will flow naturally from that space. RELAX INTO YOUR FLOW.


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