Relaxation Liberates Awareness

By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

I imagine that some people may find it difficult to discuss relaxing.

They may be in pain. They may be in want. It’s hard to think of a subject like this at a time like that.

I was in pain for several months either from the operation or from arthritis in the knee. And it was hard to think of anything except the cessation of pain.

That doesn’t detract however from the fact that the way out of most things that afflict us – or at least a way of ameliorating them – lies through … call it relaxation, or call it flowing, letting go, trusting.

Call it meditation. Meditation assists with pain relief and meditation proceeds through progressive relaxation.

In the upset clearing process, we know we’re through an upset when the tension in our bodies and the blocks to our awareness have lifted, released, or relaxed.

The relaxation of muscular tension liberates our awareness. The truth sets us free from muscular tension. We know we’re getting to the bottom of things by seeing whether release or relaxation of tension is increasing or decreasing.

Movement towards a more relaxed state, all things being equal, can be said to be the object of most spiritual practices. It’s seldom called relaxation, but more often called equanimity, detachment, tranquillity, serenity, balance, letting go. But the difference in name doesn’t translate into a difference in nature.

I must not only integrate relaxation into my daily schedule but I must integrate it into my pantheon of values and stop misinterpreting it and its benefits. All my resistance to it comes from my wounded child.

I can no longer afford to come from a disempowered place. I need to experience the hurt through, using the upset clearing process, and follow a different drummer now.

Yes, there are exceptional circumstances when relaxation may not be appropriate. Yes, it’s harder for some than for others. Yes, it doesn’t work to beat someone over the head with it, saying “Awww, just relax.” It isn’t a weapon. All of this has to come from love.

In the larger middle group where relaxation is missing, well, I guess join me. Let’s all learn together.


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