New K-Cup for Cannabis Brings Single-Serving Waste to Sophisticated Stoners

By Vic Bishop, Waking Times

When you think of rampant consumerism and senseless plastic waste, surely the Keurig single-serving coffee maker comes to mind. With this inventive contraption you use a prepackaged plastic cup (K-cup) to produce one serving of coffee, tea or hot chocolate, taking convenience to new levels, while leveling the environment with billions of non-recyclable plastic cups a year.

“Keurig Green Mountain last year sold more than nine billion of its traditional single-serve plastic coffee pods — or K-Cups. Precisely zero could be easily recycled.” [Source]

The K-cup is the epitome of disconnection from nature and the growing global problem of plastic waste, and now the single-serving, throw-away packaging mindset is coming to the world of legal cannabis. And as activists push the manufacturers of K-cups to at least make them biodegradable, others have estimated the number of K-cups already manufactured could wrap around the planet at least 10 times.

CannaKorp, a company run by David Manly, the retired vice president of the Keurig Green Mountain company, is bringing single serving pods of marijuana to the market, promising to make getting high more sophisticated and more convenient than ever. Their flagship product is CannaCloud, a stylish vaporizer designed to quickly and consistently vape pre-packaged pods of ground cannabis for users who are looking for a more expensive way to get high without all the hassle of touching actual plant matter. Once you’re high, simply throw the plastic cup in the trash and buy more.


In the marketing materials for this new product, a spaced-out suburbanite upper-middle-class looking model gets baked with the CannaCloud, as described by CannaKorp:

“CannaKorp™ designed a patent-pending vaporizer that allows users
to comfortably enjoy a convenient and efficient vapor.
The CannaCloud™ has a hygienic, one-way valve
that is also detachable for easy cleaning.
And, it’s dishwasher safe.

Quality assurances come from the standards
that we’ll hold our cultivator partners to when
growing, testing, filling and packaging our pods.

Choose from various types of sativa, indica,
hybrid, and CBD-only strains.
Pods are pre-ground cannabis flower
that are sealed to lock in flavor, aroma
and freshness that ensures a great
experience every time.” [Source]

Sadly, we can predict that the general public will jump on this idea and sales of the CannaCloud will skyrocket due to the co-opting of our culture by the consumer mindset, regardless of any negative impact a product like this will have on the environment.

“It’s popularity is growing due to its single serve Cannacup which makes it easier to load and will vaporize in a minutes time without the hassle of having to break up marijuana bud or roll a joint. CannaKorp says you will be able to choose from various types of “sativa, indica, hybrid, and CBD-only” CannaCups options and is raving about their ability to preserve “flavor, aroma, and freshness” in the pods.” [Source]

Single-serving logic is killing our planet, yet that won’t stop ingenious product designers from inserting many layers of plastic waste and obsolescence into something which has always been a very natural affair. After all, getting high is as simple as burning a plant, which requires plants and fire, neither of which need to be tossed in landfills after a single toke of marijuana.

“The cost of the CannaCloud device retails at $149, however each single-use pod costs $9.99 and contains only 0.4 grams of marijuana, which is about the same amount you’d find a pre-rolled joint. And it is likely the cost will add up to making it much less appealing for frequent users.” [Source]

Sacrificing the environment, the health of our oceans and the wildlife therein for convenience and cleverness is insanity. One has to wonder what it will take for this kind of mindset to change.

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About the Author

Vic Bishop is a staff writer for and Survival Tips blog. He is an observer of people, animals, nature, and he loves to ponder the connection and relationship between them all. A believer in always striving to becoming self-sufficient and free from the matrix, please track him down on Facebook.

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  1. Hi Vic. Enjoyed reading your article. However, let me please point out that you are not correct about the recyclability of the CannaCloud pods. They are made of recyclable aluminum and not plastic as you assume. CannaCloud owners will be able to recycle them much like soda cans. It would be great to see a correction of this. Thanks much. Dave Manly–Chairman.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I wish you would have done a little more homework on CannaKorp. They are far from a greedy organization looking to capitalize on the marijuana industry while trashing our environment in the process. Rather, they are on a mission to “simplify and improve the medical cannabis user experience.” Medical marijuana is a life-changer for people suffering from a number of conditions – chronic pain, cancer, epilepsy and PTSD to name just a few. Not having to roll joints, bake brownies, measure, fill capsules or juice will make a world of difference. For someone dealing with the debilitating side effects of chemo, for example, being able to pop in a pod (a recyclable pod, that is) and get rid of the nausea is a big deal.

    I only wish more companies were like CannaKorp.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. It’s blatantly evident that this author didn’t do any research at all regarding this company. I respectfully ask that this article is amended to reflect the true nature of the pods and the company.


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