I Thought I Was “Awake” Until This Happened To Me

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By Elina St-Onge, UpliftedLife.com

I was about 17 years old when I first heard about the December 2012 phenomenon. Although skeptical of doomsday theories and esoteric predictions, it was the trigger that led me down the internet rabbit hole, where I spent hours upon hours researching subjects ranging from alien beings communicating with planet Earth to our debt-based monetary system calling for a mass revolution.

I was never the same since. I knew these ideas seemed far-fetched to most people, yet within this maze of alternative information, I still was able to find gems of truth reminding me that there is more to life than what I’d been told. That I wasn’t “broken” just because I didn’t fit in this world or had talents that weren’t valued in school. That maybe it is society that is broken… and that my mission was to help transform it.

I am now 26 years old, and I still stand by what I said. I still feel deep within my bones that we are in the midst of a mass consciousness shift where the status quo is rapidly losing credibility. I still believe that a world where we destroy the Earth for profit and hoard wealth while others starve is unnecessary. I still believe I am here to shake things up and make a change. Yet I also believe that the whole new age/conspiracy whirlwind of information out there may be slowing down the very same personal and collective evolution it promotes.

“I can stand here and talk to you about the field of infinite possibilities, but what do you DO with that?”

– Dan Millman

New Age and Conspiracy Information: Distracting Us From Our True Power and Purpose?

Don’t get me wrong: In no way do I want to discredit the value of information that helps highlight society’s ills and open the mind to new possibilities. It has been a crucial part of my own path… but one that I had to outgrow in order for me to truly grow up. 

Let me explain. Learning about the latest government scheme, astrology forecast, and health craze has its place, but ultimately, it is not the thing that will MAKE you a better human being. It is not the thing that makes you a more caring and loving person, or bring you strength, spirit, and resiliency in challenging times. Dissecting the subject of quantum physics, knowing about the thirteen illuminati bloodlines, or scrutinizing a politician’s every move won’t necessarily help you be a positive player in your community, or bring you the focus and practical wisdom needed to get your life together. Information lives in your head. It is the quality of your being that determines how well you participate in the dance of life.

“Ultimately, information is as valuable as its usefulness to our daily lives.”


A Friend and Mentor Who Taught Me to Embrace the Basics

Ideas, words, and concepts are everywhere, flooding our newsfeeds on a second-to-second basis. The trick is to ask ourselves: Can I put this information to good use? Will this benefit my life? Can this help me grow into the best version of myself if I apply it?

My dear friend and mentor Kosta Stoyanoff, the founder of Uplifted Life, has continually reminded me of this ever since I met him in 2015. He also reminded me that all the inspiring quotes I post on Facebook or truths I intellectually understand will never replace the value of even the tiniest and seemingly ordinary steps I can take within my own life. Things like washing the dishes with care, eating a meal slowly, being grateful for what I have, taking more deep breaths throughout the day, being attentive and caring to my wonderful mother, and taking more time to really be there for the “little things” in life.

He would tell me that these small humbling shifts in my attention, perspective, thoughts, and attitude would not only add up to a HUGE shift in my health, abundance, and happiness levels, but would become the solid foundation on which I could begin doing truly meaningful work from a space of love rather than ego.

“The beginnings of all great things are small.”

– Cicero

Now you’d think Kosta’s loving advice made it easy for me to commit to making those fundamental shifts. But the truth is, I wasn’t ready. I couldn’t slow down my monkey mind just yet. Although I nodded in agreement, my ego squirmed at the idea, and I instead spent another year searching for more — for something “bigger,” more glamorous, and more revolutionary than simply getting in touch with “ordinary” life…

I thought I needed to spend more time digging into childhood traumas and past lives to justify my wounds. I still searched for miracle supplements that would fix the health issues I was experiencing. I got involved in ambitious projects that I believed would change the world — without me having to change. I searched for everything and anything except what would bring me face to face with my own power and responsibility to transform from the inside out.

At the end of that year, I was more confused and disillusioned than ever before. My health had plummeted. My stress levels were still high. I was everything but at peace with myself — even after all the dizzying “self-work” I thought I was doing. That’s when I reached out to my good ol’ trusty friend Kosta again and said “I finally get it. I am ready to go back to the basics.

“You don’t truly understand something until you apply it. Same goes for wisdom.”


When I Finally Began to Walk the Talk

Little by little, I began contemplating the ways in which I lived my life. I noticed just how much of my attention was fragmented in dozens of useless places — from false relationships to mindless smartphone usage. I began observing how often I would engage in defeatist self-talk despite all my “positive” Facebook posts. I saw how my mind would create an abundance of stories about what’s “missing” in my life, while ignoring the wonderful blessings all around me. And finally, I realized that the same amount of power, belief, and attention I put in negative thought patterns could instead be uses to fuel more positive perspectives and beneficial daily habits. It sure sounds simple, and it is! But it seems as though for most of us, the challenge of a lifetime is to let go of our attachment to an old story of self that gets in the way of us remembering and applying the most basic of truths.

“It is easy to think about complex things, but often difficult to apply the simplest things. The former can be entertaining, but the latter is where we get to grow and transform our lives.”


It’s Not About You

We think that “self-development” is all about getting our own lives straight. And yes, that’s a wonderful benefit! But the real beauty in becoming the best version of ourselves is how it positively impacts the lives of those around us. Whether you are a stay-at-home mom, serve coffee for a living, or run a major corporation, evolving into your highest, most loving, and kindest self is no small feat. It means children who will grow up to be wiser and more loving citizens of Earth. It means customers who will go back to their workspaces and families with a lighter heart. It means companies who will shift from self-serving motives to a greater purpose.

This is why going back to the basics is more than just a “cute thought.” When applied and embodied, they change your life. And when millions live by them, they change the world.

“Whether you accept it or not, each life is linked to all life. Your state of being, thoughts, words and actions create a ripple effect; much like a stone thrown into a pond. The quality of that ripple effect… is your legacy.”

– Kosta Stoyanoff

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If you resonate with my story and believe the world needs more of such reminders, you will enjoy what Kosta and I, along with the team behind Uplifted Life, have been working on for the past few years. Uplifted Life is a hub of transformational resources, but not the fluffy pie-in-the-sky type. What you will discover here are simple, practical, and effective tools and teachings revealing the fundamental principles to living life well and leaving a beautiful legacy behind.

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