The Impact of Beliefs

sacred-345By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

The wall of separation remains down. (1) No barrier exists between me here in everyday consciousness and my Higher Self and Seventh-Dimensional Oversoul.

Consequently I’m swimming in bliss at this moment. Well, not consequently. I still have to breathe it in and summon it up from the heart.

The heart is my connection to … everything – my Seventh-Dimensional Self but everything else of a divine nature. Love and bliss probably flow from my heart to whatever of my Higher Self receives it and back again. What connects us I don’t know but that we are connected I no longer doubt.

A construction in consciousness … a belief … caused me to be closed in and closed down.

I believed my Higher Self was over there and I, my everyday consciousness, was over here.  And because I believed it, an impermeable wall of belief separated us. I persuaded myself that that was the way it was.

What an object lesson this has been.  I can breathe so much easier and my breath is so much deeper. And when the bliss comes, it’s so sweet.

With that simple, garden-variety, inoffensive belief gone, life reaches moments of great satisfaction.  I and my Higher Self are not separate. We are one, contrary to my unexpressed and unacknowledged belief.

I can’t think of a more concrete demonstration of something than what I just went through. OK, I’ve changed my mind. I used to think that beliefs didn’t have that much of an impact on us. But I’ve just been shown that they do.

Our beliefs are not only powerful walls; they also can create the conditions for disease, decline, all kinds of things. I really do get it now.


After I wrote this article, I came across this passage from the Divine Mother’s New Year 2017 address to us:

Steve Beckow: Mother, can I intervene for a moment? Can I just point out to listeners . . . because I’m more or less in a state of bliss at the moment . . . that in this state of bliss, in this higher-dimensional experience that the Mother is referring to as love, things simply become clear.

And I think you said once, Mother, that, “I will bring all things to remembrance” – bliss brings all things to remembrance, Love brings all things to remembrance . . .  Could you explain to our listeners a little bit about how it is that bliss and Love bring all things to remembrance?

Divine Mother: Think of it as all the barriers, all the walls, all the sense of delineation – because what is isolation and separation? It is this false belief in delineation –  all the delineation disappears.  (2)

There you have it.

What removed my wall was a realization. I wasn’t in bliss at the time. But what the Mother says here is also true: When I’m in bliss, all walls vanish.

They do reappear in a more attenuated form when I’m not in bliss. But realization seems to have removed this wall between me and my Higher Self.

Generally, in bliss, everything that’s not higher-dimensional simply disappears. All distinctions – what the Mother calls “delineations” – vanish.  We’re left knowing and wanting only bliss.


(1) See “Reunited with Long-Lost Self” at

(2) The Divine Mother in Take Up Your Divine Authority. Pivotal Messages on Building Nova Earth, 2017.  Vancouver: Golden Age of Gaia, 2017, 11-2.


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