Our Common Purpose in Being Here: To Make the Unworkable Work

group-minds-300x183Why did someone assemble such a star-studded cast as we’re rumored to be (1) and drop them on a small planet in the middle of nowhere? Third rock from the Sun? For what purpose?

They tell us we’re ascended masters – and it makes sense. Why invite a ground crew to an Ascension that hasn’t been through the process at least once themselves?  Why invite us?

The answer? To work.

I know we hate the word “work,” but please give me a minute.

If we lived in the Fifth-Dimensional Garden of Eden, we wouldn’t need to work. We’d just reach up and grab a mango.

But given that we fell to Third-Dimensional polarity, we now suffer from hunger pangs and thirst, etc.

Let’s call these “unworkable conditions.” Commonly they’re also called “problems.”

Can we agree that work converts the unworkable into the workable?  From feeling hungry to feeling full. From being thirsty to being satisfied. Etc.

If there was no work to be done, why would they summon us?


Casey: Can we fix it?

In my view, they summoned – or invited – us to bring our skills and expertise to bear in this ground-breaking Ascension (2) on some area of the world’s unworkability and convert it to the workable.  To make the unworkable work. Or as Casey, in Tomorrowland, would say, to “fix it.” (3)

And to spread joy, and create music, or choose whatever area of workability/unworkability we wish to bless with our service. (4)

I submit that that’s why we’re here. That’s our common purpose: To make the unworkable work.

And what area of the world’s unworkability might we choose? The Mother has said it: The area you feel most passionate about. You’re so passionate about that area that you really can’t stop talking about it. And those who want to hear will listen.

You want to correct some of the conditions in a locale or region or the world so that all of you have more of what you’re passionate about. You want to fix it – not the people, but the condition. (See 2.)

I’m passionate about writing. My day doesn’t begin until I’ve written (or done related tasks) enough to feel I’ve drained the hopper from overnight.  By late afternoon the hopper of inspiration is full again and I’m scrambling for a computer. You can’t keep them away. And you can’t keep me away from writing.

Now is that work? Well, yes and no. It is “work” by the Mother’s definition, but not by the world’s. By the world’s definition, it’s only work if I’m groaning. But my work is my passion and joy.

If I didn’t have this work, well, none of this I see through my magnificent front window would have any appeal. So is it really work?

If I took the Third-Dimensional view, I’d say: If I knew that I could continue working in a way that brings me joy for the rest of my life, perhaps in ever-diminishing circles, and all else I needed for life would be taken care of, I would be in Paradise.

Taking the Fifth-Dimensional view, I say: I’m in Paradise right now. And right now. And right now.

Bliss is Paradise. Paradise is a state of consciousness.

As each of us contributes to building a world that works, we’re encouraged to see that what we do produces bliss for us and anyone else who knows what’s happening.


(1) “You are mighty creators. You have come to this planet as Ascended Masters, in and of yourself. This is not egoic, this is the truth of who you are and you have come in fulfillment of your promise, your mission, your purpose, in alignment with all of us, in service to the Divine Mother as we journey as One to the divine perfection and ascension and anchoring of this planet Gaia in the higher realms.”  (Archangel Uriel in “Attention All Rainmakers: Calling for a Meditation This Saturday at 15:15,” at http://goldenageofgaia.com/2014/11/23/attention-all-rainmakers-calling-for-a-meditation-this-saturday-at-1515/.)

(2) It’s the first mass Ascension anywhere in the universe and the first in which the ascenders do so in with their physical bodies.  Many civilizations are watching how we do it.

(3) I prefer listening to people rather than trying to “fix” them. In a lifetime of interaction around listening, I’ve found most people resist solutions until they’ve had a chance to say what they want to say. But fix conditions, like relocating people from a mudslide zone or addressing famine in a region, yes.

(4) Amid the unworkability in the world, some workability has to exist to point to or change would likely be difficult. So mostly we’ll be addressing situations of mixed workability/unworkability.


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