The Ghost in the Machine

By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

Remember the scene in Men in Black where Will Smith opens the face of the dead alien to find another little alien inside, operating the levers?

Is that not our situation?

Never mind being worn out like the Little Guy, as many are, looking at the situation more generally – are we not this Big-Man body, inside of which this Little-Guy spirit operates the levers?

Deus ex machina? The “ghost” in the machine? When the Little Guy leaves, the Big Man slumps.

The Little Guy has the ability to transfer its consciousness to the outside of this suit of armor that we clank around in all day.  But when it does, its previously-acute senses are now almost sluggish.

The “suit” we’re in is like India rubber, not a good conductor of emotions at all. Hence we’re like a lumbering hippopatamus compared to the hummingbird spirit.

How do I know? I had an out-of-body experience in 1977 that showed me the difference between the spirit body (me) and the something I get into whenever I do (the human body). That other thing is heavy, densifying, sluggish, compared to me. It’d be like lugging around a fifty-pound neoprene suit, with a belt of weights.

The spirit body (probably etheric, maybe astral) that “I” was in was finer than any earthly material I’ve been able to think of. The finest for me would be a baby’s breath or the down at the base of a feather. The spirit body was finer than that.

It was also very susceptible to emotion. I know that because I was crying on the other side, witnessing a scene of violence. When you cannot tolerate the vibrations at one level on the other side, you have to fall back to a lesser level. Falling back for me was re-entering my physical body.

What was a wail in the astral planes was a whimper in the physical plane. It was a dramatic demonstration of the non-conductivity of the human body, compared to its spiritual counterpart. I never forgot it.

The way Ascension used to be was the master, having passed all initiations, left the body and ascended to a higher dimension. Jesus illustrates that model, if you accept the scenario that he died. The old body is left aside.

In this new territory that the Mother is opening up, people move to the Fifth Dimension from the Third/Fourth without shedding the human body.

Great for you 28-year-olds, eh? Well, good news for us 70-year-olds too, because our carbon-based bodies are slowly being baked into crystalline bodies in God’s divine oven.  The crystalline body will have no imperfections – age being one of them; imperfections like missing limbs another – so I get to be Benjamin Button. I can’t wait to study karate again.

What’s the relationship of it all? Think of us as a Babushka doll. The first layer is the Big Man (3rd/4th Dimension).

If you take that doll off, you have the Little Big Man, the 5th-Dimensional, ascended being that most of us become.

If you take off another layer, you have a higher-dimensional being, up to ten-deep. (1)

The “I” that remains, that sees and witnesses every change, every transformation is beyond dimensions, sensing, and knowing.

In past eras, the Little Guy had to be freed from the Big Man for the Little Guy to ascend. No more. After this, the Third Dimension will be more or less incorporated into the higher reams such that one can visit them in one’s “physical” (3rd-Dimensional) body.

Was that particular scene in Men in Black inserted there to prepare (some of) us for the discovery that we’re more than just our bodies?

Does it prepare the listening for a discussion of “spirit,” without which the spirit realms make no sense?

Was it one initiative in preparing the ground for the entry of the masters, our star family, and the celestials?

The movie as a whole surely was by making us laugh at the antics of everyone involved in the intergalactic business. Lighten us up so the real meeting doesn’t unnerve us. It’s served that purpose for me.


(1) No Babushka doll for the first two dimensions. Ten Babushka dolls for Dimensions 3-12.


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