Matt Kahn: Emotional Forecast – The Beauty of Space

By Matt Kahn, via Golden Age of Gaia

As I tune into the emotional bodies of energetically-sensitive souls, I am called to highlight the beauty of space as a necessary component in our spiritual evolution. Just as the secret ingredient in each recipe is the time required for all flavors to meld together, the importance of time equally assists in the integration of our highest potential, when using it wisely to offer ourselves the space we truly need.

Whether it is space from the roles we play, space from seeking validation from others, space from tracking news headlines, space from constantly checking in to make sure we are aligned, or even space from needing to know where we’re meant to be next.

As the beauty of space is embraced, we allow the inner stillness of true serenity to be acknowledged as our natural state of being. Oftentimes, when we take the time to create a more spacious experience for ourselves, we become aware of how much more rest we require as we process higher frequencies of light throughout our cellular body.

While greater rest can often inconvenience the ego if not used to check out from life, the soul is nourished by rest, as it allows the Universe that already knows how to heal you to complete your lifelong transformation.

If you often wonder how much longer this process will take, it’s a telltale sign that more rest is required.

In order to fulfill this week’s request from the Universe by offering yourself the beauty of space on a more consistent basis, please consider the wisdom of the following questions:

What if you didn’t try to do everything all at once?

What if each day could be dedicated to just doing what needs to be done to satisfy this moment in time?

If overwhelmed by bigger projects, can you break things down into several tiny action steps to allow each day to be one step forward?

What are the addictions and distractions that take up time that could be given to creating more space and getting more rest?

What if you could focus on your needs instead of worrying how others perceive you?

What if no amount of effort can ever make others feel validated if they are not whole in themselves?

What if your wholeness is the most essential way to energetically and emotionally assist others in remembering their true worth?

What if you no longer sacrificed your health and well-being for anyone ever again?

What if the more you rest, the easier it is to see the Universe always conspiring in your highest favor?

Whether this emotional forecast confirms the rest you have given yourself permission to receive, or reminds you of a priority that may have fallen by the wayside, the more you abide in the beauty of space, the easier it is to embody the frequency of heart-centered consciousness without getting pulled into the emotional swirls that others are healing.

In the new spiritual paradigm, we don’t have to get sucked into the orbit of another people’s pain in order to transform their heart through the power of empathy, compassion, and love. Instead, we give ourselves the time, space, and rest we need so when it’s time to engage with others, we are vessels of heart-centered consciousness, instead of victims of circumstance.

As the beauty of space is received at a deeper level, this week is a great opportunity to:

  • Focus on what is whole, right, and good about the world in view
  • Dare to compliment yourself even for the smallest successes and victories
  • Choose to see the innocence of others, instead of the masks they wear
  • Create space for creative self-expression
  • Take the time to laugh as often as possible
  • Nourish your body as a vessel of awakening by getting the rest you need
  • Face the fear of abandonment and rejection by spending alone time with your heart
  • Ask your inner child how you can best serve its needs, instead of trying to make it into the experience that you desire

As we dare to be in tune with today’s plan, instead of being mesmerized by life’s bigger cosmic picture, we participate in the miracle of our own healing journey as our personal contribution toward the awakening of humanity. One inspired and heartfelt choice at a time, the keys to our eternal freedom open the gates of heaven and welcome us home from the inside out.

Can you allow your path to be this outrageously simple? Are you willing to face the inner voices that worry about missing something, only to realize the only thing that’s missing is the recognition that nothing is missing? Can each fear, worry, or concern be a more intimate invitation to love what arises?

Until our next Emotional Forecast, may the beauty of space be invited into your reality to uplift your life into an eternal celebration of immaculate grace.

Many blessings beautiful ones! We love you.
Matt Kahn


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