This Mother’s Day: Repentance Means to Go Another Way

By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

This post is meant mostly for men on Mother’s Day. But before I get to that, I’d like to look at the cosmic significance of the nuclear family. (1)

Most species organize themselves around the family of mother, father, and child.

Why they do that, as far as I know, is that the Divine Mother has designed all of nature to reflect and reveal the Divine Child, her, the Divine Father, and, beyond all three, the One.

The three divine persons of the Trinity are in reality stepping stones to the knowledge of the Transcendent, Unknowable One.

The Divine Mother is not really a female and the Divine Father is not really a male. Rendering them that way is called “anthropomorphizing” – making them over in the form of humans. (2) We cast and see the Divine in our own shape, behaving like us, etc.

It’s a teaching convention of the sages, an extended metaphor, which the Divine Mother herself retains, I imagine, for ease of understanding cosmic verities.

By understanding the role of the female and the male in the human procreative cycle, we prepare ourselves to learn about the relationship between the Mother and the Father, both of which are subsumed in the One.

The sperm is the divine spark, the soul, the Christ. The womb is this material world. The metaphor can be developed at length. Knowledge of the one process preconditions us to see and accept the other.

The gender metaphor is used to describe the Divine Couple and their operations. The Father is still; the Mother is energetic. The Father is silent; the Mother is sound. He wills Creation but she creates it.

We cannot approach the Father save through the Mother.

We cannot approach her save through the Child, the Christ, the Light and Love in all our hearts.

Yes, the Christ is indeed the only door. Not Jesus, as he himself acknowledges. The Christ is the Self, the Atman, the Child, in our heart.

We cannot know God until we know ourselves. We cannot know the One, beyond the Father, until we know the Child (and then the Mother, and then the Father). (3)


Just as our Divine Mother is the only Source we know of everything divine, so, at first, our earthly mother is the only source we know of earthly love, protection, and nourishment.

In some species, she protects us from the father. The male lion will kill the cubs of a pride he’s taken over. No male protection there.

We’re raised for the most part deeply-bonded to our mothers, who, for their part, work their fingers to the bone raising children and managing, often, many other tasks, depending on the manner in which the couple shares the work.

In our society, more and more mothers are single parents and in so many cases the fathers don’t see to their obligations, but try to minimize or avoid them.  Single mothers must go through times of desperation and despair, with little help from governments.

We have so much to correct this situation along with so many others connected to family, relationships, sexuality, communication, income – there’s enough work for everyone!!!!!


This Mother’s Day I request the men reading this to honor the women in their lives by examining again the division of labor in the home, relationship, and family and removing from it any taint of dominance, privilege, stereotypes, etc.  Act up to a standard of fairness. 50/50 if there are no children; more if there are.

There’s no cosmic reason why women should cook our food, clean our homes, and do our laundry. It isn’t in the Divine Plan. We need to negotiate fair and equitable domestic arrangements and check back regularly to keep them fair.

See if there are vasanas or conditioned behavior that have resulted in forcing roles upon each other which don’t inspire, empower, and ennoble, but instead depress, disempower, and demean. If there are, renegotiate them.

I owe a great debt of gratitude to Jeanine Band who said at Linda Dillon’s Lake Tahoe conference that she treats her man (Gavin) like a king and he treats her like a queen and that’s the secret of their success. I saw their success when Kathleen and I visited them in San Diego. Jeanine is leading the way. We’ll all follow her example one day, I predict.

This Mother’s Day, give your Mother or your partner the gift of your pledge to do all that you can to end gender discrimination and persecution in the world, to restore the balance and harmony between the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine.

To reach that place, I assert that many of us will need to repent. My understanding of “repent” is to go another way.


(1) As reflected in the vision I had of an individual’s journey from God to God, March 13, 1987. See “Chapter 13. Epilogue,” at

(2) Reflecting our anthropocentric bias.

(2) It really is a stairway to Heaven. The Child is realized first when the kundalini reaches the fourth chakra, as a discrete Light; the Mother second, at the sixth chakra, as the Light in all creation; the Father third, at the seventh chakra, as the Light that transcends creation; but still we are only halfway up the mountain. A much deeper experience of the One comes with Sahaja Samadhi, which is a permanent heart opening, and is the culminating event of our Ascension.


One comment

  1. “Perception” – GCR/RV Intel SITREP – Sunday – May 14, 2017


    Happy Mother’s Day!

    May the Divine Feminine continue to gain power and strength, retaking her vaulted vibrational throne as Gaia’s dominant human experience!

    Let the new earth be born today!



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