Looking Good

looking-good-bro-272x300By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

We try tinkering and tinkering, first with this and then with that.

We tinker with our clothes, our hair, our diet.

We tinker with the way we speak, the way we walk, the way we gaze.

But none of that brings the happiness we seek.

I don’t have license to speak on this subject in a thorough-going way. (1)  I can only discuss what I’ve seen and felt, which isn’t much compared to many others.

But one thing I have seen is that none of these – clothes, hairstyle, manner of speaking – make a whit of difference in how I feel, save an evanescent feeling that now I’m “looking good,” “the best I can be.”

The best for what? The best to attract a mate? The best to win approval? The best for all I seek from the outside world?

But none of what I really seek is available there. I have what I seek here and I don’t need to dress it up. If anything, I need to unveil it, uncover it, unblock it.

Never mind being asked to be set free from this and that. We need to set ourselves free from all that blocks the upwelling and expression of love from the place where God put it, where God hid it, in plain sight – in our hearts.


(1) Only the enlightened do and I am not enlightened.


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