Every Vasana Has a Silver Lining

amethyst-clouds-300x225By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

For some reason unknown to me, I’ve always emphasized going deeper rather than going higher.

I see a thread going back through time. I suppose it’s because in past lives I’ve emphasized profundity and profundity means depth.

In this life I’ve always been interested in the deepest wisdom, the deepest experience, and the deepest realization.

At the same time, I have a job to do and the job doesn’t always allow unbridled pursuit of my own lines of inquiry and experience. When I go too far too fast, I get “toned down.”

I could be a child about it and go recklessly fast, seeing how much I can slip past the guard. Or I can be an adult and get that I’m responsible for my mission. That means that I need to take over as much of the task of being appropriate to the job as I can.

Again, if we’re looking for threads, my preference for awareness as a path capitalizes on a vasana. I said earlier that every vasana has a silver lining. We perfect a new skill or meet new kinds of people or learn valuable life lessons.

My vasana was the scared wolf, the ever-vigilant one, looking to avoid a slap or kick.  The vigilant one excels in awareness.

I like to think that I’ve cleansed that awareness of its fear-based coloring and now have what I also like to think of as a relatively-strong ability to concentrate my awareness and go deep.

I’m making lemonade out of lemons, as we all do when we emerge from our vasanas. We find that we’re left with a lifeskill or a blessing in some other form.


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