There is a Place Called “Normal”

balance-of-a-blue-moon-flowerBy Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

There’s a place called “Normal.” It’s also called “Original Innocence” and “the Natural Self.”

In this place, the experience of love is normal. The experience of fear is not.

In it, the experience of safety is normal. The experience of dread is not.

In it, the desire to share is normal. The desire to hoard is not.

And there are many other things which are normal in this place, which in our everyday experience right now are neither normal nor expected.

In fact the world we live in right now, for many people, is a place of fear and dread and survivalism. It isn’t “normal.”

If we’re not trying to survive physically, we’re trying to survive emotionally. Many of us are just trying to get by.

An emotionally hardscrabble existence makes it hard to love.

Vivekananda asked his fellow countrymen to feed the poor first before they preached God to them So we also need to resuscitate and rebuild ourselves before we think of building a new world.  First things first.

Victims of abuse need to recover.  We can’t just think we’ve recovered. We may need to probe deeper if we want our lightworker leadership to be untainted by the skewing effect of trauma.

I don’t live at this moment in this place called “Normal.”  But I have my bags packed and I’m taking bus and train to get there.

I’m committed to living in a place of normalcy, innocence, and naturalness. In the midst of chaos. No, because of the chaos.

When Kipling talked about keeping our heads when all about us are going mad, he may as well have been talking about this generation of lightworkers and about being normal.


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