Advice From A Nutritionist: Forget About The “Perfect Diet”

By Elina St. Onge, The Mind Unleashed

There’s a health revolution happening in the world. Humanity is growing increasingly aware of how health isn’t just a matter of having your regular checkup at the doctor’s office, or popping pills as soon as your body demands your attention. As Hippocrates, father of medicine said so eloquently, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

Today, we have hundreds of health movements pointing towards different whole food diets for achieving health. Sounds great! But the problem is… so many of these diets contradict each other and even tear each other apart, claiming that they are the only “healthy” diet most suitable for the human species. They have become sort of like religions, with many of their followers warning others about their “descent to hell” if they don’t eat exactly like they do.

Having struggled with health issues, I have gone the route of researching obsessively and growing more and more confused about all the conflicting health and diet information I was finding. I found myself so torn between which diet to adopt that I felt paralyzed and scared to take any step forward. This unhealthy relationship with food led me to an eating disorder—dancing in between deprivation due to fear of symptoms and of eating the “wrong” foods, and binging due to my body screaming to be fed. That is when I realized that there had to be a better way, but most important more truthful perspective and approach to health. One that wouldn’t have my entire life and attention revolve around diet. One that would add to my enjoyment of life, instead of causing me to micromanage my every move and bring more anxiety into my body and mind.

What does health really mean? Is there such a thing as the “best” diet? Is our search for the post pristine and purist diet realistic or even helpful?

I am currently getting coached by Samantha Lotus, a wonderful nutritionist who knows all too well the confusion I have been going through because she has experienced the very same thing through her own healing journeyIn the following video, she sheds light on what it truly means to eat in a healthy way and does a wonderful job at explaining how futile it is to debate over which diet is best. 

If you are someone who strives to follow a healthy diet and isn’t interested in telling the whole world they should eat like you, the information shared in this video will wonderfully complement your journey! If, however, you like to think that every human being should eat like you and believe that only a puritan lifestyle is healthy, you might be triggered by this video.

I hope her insights will help uplift your own journey towards health and bring you more peace of mind as you savour your next meals! 🙂

Samantha’s Website:



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