The Truth about Ascension?

By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

What’s the truth about ascension for me? The truth is: We don’t really know when it’ll happen. We don’t really know how.

But to worry about those two things keeps us focused on the future.

Maybe it’s just how busy it’s been lately but I have less and less time for the future and more and more time for the here and now.

I don’t really care when or how ascension will happen.

But I do care to notice the changes in me – my body is getting a little younger, I feel younger, love flows from my heart.

We have some hints from the other side of “bumps” and “ignitions” and other apparently-collective events coming up – but who knows when? The overall journey has to be slow. If not, we’d burn out the body.

There was a story about one of a guru’s disciples who attained a high level of samadhi (trance state). He lived just long enough to kiss the guru’s feet and then died.

Ramakrishna says that, if we achieve a high level of enlightenment (probably Sahaja or what Ramakrishna called “vijnana”), our bodies last only twenty-one days.

But this generation isn’t meant to experience ascension and die. We’re meant to take our physical bodies with us. That being the case, we have to stay within their tolerance limits.

Moreover, it isn’t just lightworkers who’ll ascend. It’s the whole planet. If we went too fast, the changes they perceived in themselves might drive some people mad with anxiety.

I feel confident in leaving acension in the hands of the Company of Heaven, which includes us lightworkers. We play our part too.

I’ve been taking up one of Kathleen’s spiritual practices: Forgiveness. And just having forgiven one person in my life created such space. There are things that create space and things that close it down. Worrying about the future closes it down.


One comment

  1. Well I care , a little. It’s tough to plan any type of future even under normal circumstances but if STar Trek will be our reality in November of this year or even in 2020 there’s a lot of stuff we can stop worrying about and shift our focus. There are a lot of struggles and sufferings that will soon no longer exist or be of any great concern very soon. That’s kind of a big deal.

    On the other hand if this is just the initial stages of ascension and “the event” will actually take hundreds of years or even decades, most of us won’t be around to enjoy it anyway so we don’t have a stake in it. A “who cares” attitude develops because it’s too far away to do anything but day-dream about it in the imagination. And large gobs of energy, intent, thought, hope, time are being put into something that won’t happen for a long time. If this is the case, people might as well focus on that next trip to the islands or the mountains, because it will provide body and soul with more positive energy and enjoyment than “working on the transition.” In fact “working to usher in ascension” will just be a great source of frustration, disappointment, and negative energy. In which case getting drunk and having lots of sex would be better.


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