These Powerful Days

via Golden Age of Gaia

A short share by one of our readers…

By Jenny Dixon

I just thought I would write to see if anyone else is feeling the intense energies at the moment.

It comes and goes in waves, doesn’t it? For days or weeks we can be sailing along, feeling great, almost floating between worlds: the light-filled observer noticing our surroundings without feeling part of this life.

We feel spiritual. We feel strong, certain that we are truly part of an expansive universe, that our core being is other-worldly. We can feel the fingertips of our minds reaching out to touch the edges of the Universe.

Our hearts feel like they beat outside of our bodies, in a rhythmic pulse synchronized with the tides and the sun and the moon. We feel One with everything.

And then something happens and it all comes crashing down. We feel lost, frightened, alone, isolated and we wonder if we are losing our minds, if we have been delusional to believe we are powerful beings of light.

Did we take a wrong turn and end up lost in the desert?

We become almost schizophrenic and sink into the dark cupboard of depression lurking under the stairs, threatening to take over out lives.

Yesterday was a rough day, the pressure was intense. I felt my solar plexus was tied up in one large knot so I could hardly breathe. My heart center was a plate of glass that was shattered by a pebble of doubt.

I was a quivering mess wondering what had happened, where was my sovereign power, where was the support and the love and the joy? The molasses of Fear overtook my reality, I was steeped in it, drowning, Fear of survival, fear of existence, fear of suffocation, fear of safety and security and lack, fear of life, fear of death, fear of what if I got it all wrong?

It was so intense that after almost a full day of this I suddenly stood glued to one spot, looked up and said, “Help me, Please! I cannot take anymore.”

Suddenly a veil of calm floated down and was draped over me. I felt instant peace and I sensed the words, “the pain/suffering/struggle/hardship is over.”

I sat down and wondered, can it be true? Are we finally through it all?

I don’t know but the awareness that filtered through is that we are clearing all the fear and anger that has been stored in our cellular memory across all lifetimes, so we will never be limited by it ever again.

To set us free. How I hope it is true. Surely we have been through enough and we deserve to live the life we know is true: a life of fulfillment, joy, oneness, peace, freedom, abundance, empowerment, enlightenment.

A life where we are the sovereigns and Conscious Creators of the New Earth, where we embody all the aspects of The Creator to create Heaven on Earth.

Amen to that and So it is.


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