Recipes for Dealing with a Vasana – Part 2/2

Taking a stand: Protestor Ieshia Evans is detained by law enforcement near the headquarters of the Baton Rouge Police. Credit: VOA News

By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

(Concluded from yesterday.)

In processing the same vasana, I discovered that I could take a stand and, if the stand came from an authentic and commited place, that cut right through the vasana. It also landed me again in the space of mastery.

Keep in mind that what I went through was a major vasana, a number-one upset. I’d never have thought a few years ago that taking a stand would handle it.

I’d have responded by looking for someone toughing it out, emotional residue, etc. But, no, here, taking a stand sliced right through the vasana.

That seems to say something about the easing of the strength of vasanas overall (or maybe just mine, I don’t know), probably due to the Tsunami of Love. Quan Yin seems to support this conclusion in a recent message:

“I come forth to guide you to recognize core issues, energies or perceptions within your being which require to be transformed in order to assist you in continuing your ascension process on the Earth. It is a time when the energies anchoring into the Earth are extremely potent and powerful. Therefore, it is easier for all to look deep within their being to create necessary healing and transformations.” (1)

I agree that it seems to be easier to process vasanas these days than it was, say, two to three years ago.

The stand I took was:  It doesn’t matter what the situation is, I’m carrying on (doing my job), making the best of whatever the circumstances may be. The rest I leave to the Mother.

This stand handled the matter for me completely. I was not toughing it out. I was genuine and committed. There was no emotional residue.

Proof of that was that I re-entered the space I’ve called “mastery” (2) immediately upon taking the stand. My Higher Self, if you like, was feeding back to me by expanding my awareness.

Taking this stand put an end to the endless Third-Dimensional wrangling that went on inside me over every little thing that happened. I now knew who I was in the matter, as Werner Erhard would say (from whom I learned to take a stand, as well).

That in itself suggests that things like confusion and uncertainty contribute to us not knowing ourselves; when we declare who we are in a matter, that leads to knowing ourselves – at least in the matter at hand. And that led to a re-entry into the space of mastery.

I’m sorry if this sounds complex. It isn’t to me. It’s crystal clear, but then I love this work.

There’s nothing more enjoyable to me than plumbing the depths of my barriers to ascension, releasing all I can, and asking the Company of Heaven to take away the rest. Cleansing myself is really the greatest part of what I can do to prepare for ascension.

Before I work on the construction of Nova Earth, I need to deconstruct that about me which doesn’t work.

Here then is another tool for our toolbox: Taking a Stand. It joins Calling Myself, Make the Translation, and the Upset Clearing Process as useful tools.


(1) “Lady Quan Yin via Natalie Glasson: Understanding and Transforming Experiences of Lack,” via Natalie Glasson, July 31, 2017,  at

(2) See “What would a Master Do?” at; “Mastery: The Ability to Integrate” at; and “What is Mastery,” at


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