When the World Will Work

By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

Historians often say that dictators have to be right.

They have to have their acts accepted, even bowed down to.

They feel the need to prove themselves every day.

They respond to ideology rather than the heart.

Historians point out that what drives dictators on is something intensely personal (like a grudge against their parents), severe love deprivation, and compensating importance-seeking (expressed in gathering wealth, power, influence to themselves).

The worst it got in the times we’re emerging from were with Hitler, Stalin, and their allies in the Second World War.

For them, killing saw no stirring of conscience. They ordered brutality.  They, and the allies who opposed them, bombed whole cities to ruins.

Hitler determined to wipe out the untermenschen (subhuman Jews and Slavs). Stalin was driven by paranoia. Either way, dozens of millions of people died at their order.

It was these very characteristics that brought each of them down, one at the hands of his closest circle and the other by his own hand.


Fast forward to the present.

Evil has played itself out in our world. Lightworkers and loveholders are here to assist with the transition to a world based on love. And their behavior is different from that of the previous century.

People who follow the heart, as we do, are flexible, yielding at times, leading at other times.

They have no need to prove themselves. There’s nothing to prove, no agenda to promote, except service to the Mother.

When the love flows from their hearts, at that moment at least, there’s probably nothing else they want.

As the energies rise, more and more people will live in the incredible buoyancy of love through the gradual unfoldment of our ascension.


We’ve seen the worst it’s gotten. But we haven’t seen the best it can be.

I’ve sampled the love, bliss, peace, and other rewards that await us after ascension (Michael calls these peak experiences “going through the portal”) (1) and they are “out of this world.”

In my everyday consciousness, the best I can imagine is things multiplied. Twice as bad. Ten times better.

But Jesus points out that higher-dimensional experiences are squared when compared to ours in 3/4D. Yes, I agree with that.

Higher-dimensional experience is so far above what we’re used to that I’ve hankered for it ever since my first taste. There’s nothing in our 3/4D world that compares with it. Nothing at all.

As the energies rise, more and more of us will experience these states of being – more and more deeply.

When a critical mass of us experiences them, this world will work.

When all of us experience them, this world will work for everyone.

What will make it work is love.


(1) Sanat also referred to it: “At the end, as you go through the portals and return – you’ve already begun, as you know – you will not be the reasonable voice at that point. You will be saying, ‘Get the heck on the train, we’re going now!’” (Sanat Kumara in a personal reading with Steve Beckow and Kathleen Willis through Linda Dillon, Dec. 7, 2010.)


One comment

  1. Hitler loved his people and humanity. Stalin did not love his people because he was not one of them. Many of the Soviet Bolshevik Communists were not even Russian. They were a criminal gang and mostly identified as Jews. Whether or not they were real Jews or devil worshipers pretending to be Jews, I don’t know. Love IS the answer, but truth is also part of love.


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