The People’s Global Convention of Planet Earth

global-convention-300x210Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia

Interesting initiative. Great idea. Seems to be coming out of the Venus Project.

Do your due diligence. Excerpt only from a much-longer document. Thanks to Gary.




The people have the natural right to petition themselves to create a new or a modified governance.

Only when ALL OF THE CITIZENS OF THE WORLD have the first and final say in ALL issues by a VAST MAJORITY VOTE, are we governing BY and FOR The People.

We, the Citizens of The World, hereby hold a Peoples’ Convention for the Citizens of The World to be held HERE and NOW, WORLD WIDE, on this Web Site.

The Peoples’ Convention is NOT for any government agency of the world to perform. It is to exercise each individual citizen’s right to agree to this petition and have ONE VOTE, PER CITIZEN, PER ISSUE for the rest of our existence.

WE The People task the EXPERTS in ALL FIELDS of LIFE in the WORLD to COOPERATE with each other; to INFORM and EDUCATE the Citizens of the world without prejudice so that all of humanity may choose and vote from self empowering, truth filled knowledge of the subjects and issues in solidarity of benevolent and wise intent by the citizen-voters, for the well being of all life during the rest of our existence.

We recognize and invite the following Unification Movements to Unite as One.

One Love Rising, Standing Rock Water Protectors, The Venus Project, The Zeitgeist Movement, Anonymous, Ubuntu Planet, Free World Charter, Money Free Party, CMTRCSA, New Earth Project, the Thrive Movement, Noomap, United Earth, New Earth, and all supporters to free humanity to save our home Earth…

By agreeing to the Transition Principles we affirm that we choose to be responsible citizen voters of ALL MATTERS for the well being of ALL LIFE.

We agree to the following Transition Principles:

We agree every Human on this Earth has the equal choice and responsibility of living in autonomy as individuals, and in harmony as diverse communities and cultures.

We agree that NO medium of exchange (money) will be used or recognized as value, or used to prejudice each other’s inherent value (life itself). Every Human is afforded need, want and opportunity. We agree that equality is the source of all wisdom, and LIFE is the source of all value.

We agree that Nature has the same rights as human beings. We agree to afford our Earth full recovery from man’s ravaging. We agree that intense, intimate cooperation across all continents is essential to reviving our Earth’s life systems and atmosphere.

We agree to cooperation worldwide to repurpose military personnel, engineering, technology, and equipment to recover the infrastructures, revive ecosystems and create plumbing, water, energy, and food production systems.

We agree that where conflict, aggression or poverty occurs, the immediate community, supported by the global community, will realize its immediate resolve. We agree to no policing or penalties. In severe or perverse situations, humane monitoring respectfully brings the matter to correction. We agree to never torture life.

We agree to no laws, and no representative governing of any kind. No heads of state or bureaucrats of any kind. No borders. No courts. No military of any kind. We agree to dismantle all weapons and war machines and military bases. We agree to not use passports, personal identification, or licenses. All resources and infrastructure are available to all, and the responsibility of all.

We agree to cooperate without hierarchy and collaborate in all fields of life across all continents, to inform and educate each other without prejudice, so that everyone can choose from a self-empowering, truth-filled, transparent knowledge base, to platform benevolent and wise intent for all matters and considerations.

​We agree to insure all collective decisions are always made by the people; one issue, one person, one vote. A vast majority of 80% of the people, must vote and 80% of the vote cast for yes is an agreement. Anything less requires a revisiting of the subject matter before a revote.

We agree to implement solutions that maintain harmony with nature while providing dignity for all life! We agree to implement technology only in life-affirming ways.

We agree to maintain present infrastructures until we transition to natural, life-affirming systems.

​We in-vision a GLOBAL HEART SHIFT recognized by a critical mass of “We Agree” as

Transition Day One. On this DAY, humanity reclaims its Earth Garden as our birthright .

Read more….


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