A Psychedelic Adventure Into The Illusion Of Time

BLuke Miller, Truth Theory

A loud and powerful high pitched singing bowl intensely rang throughout my ears, I had just been violently sick and the room was spinning in a dark blue intense swirl of colours. Then silence. It was beautiful- I mean the music was beautiful too, but after 3 hours of intensity I was okay with a little quite. Then the drumming started- it was shamanic drumming. A quick double beat which perked me up and switched the visions to a bright carrot orange medley of geometric patterns. The beat picked up and started with some heavy chants and throat singing- I’d had enough of sound and decided to turn the music off.

I now realise how far I had climbed into the depth of psychedelic lala land. It was a mid sized (2 grams) dose of magic mushrooms I had taken, but I have the ability to venture pretty deep with mid to small doses. A few years back I purged during a substanceless meditation and since then simply hitting a djembe drum or singing can send me into trance. Once psychedelics enter my system i go to a far far away land.

I gathered my thoughts, and reminded myself that I am at least part human and embraced the silent space that the intense music had left behind.

Tick…tock..tick…tock- went the clock in an overwhelmingly strong sound that matched the intensity of the shamanic drumming. I jumped up, looked above the mirror in a place just too high for me to be able to reach and not quite high enough for me not to try. After a moment of stupidly nearly breaking my legs to grab the clock I managed to pull it down and remove the batteries. It was silence… real silence and it was beautiful.

I started to laugh, and a thought hit me like a ton of bricks- that clock ticks constantly- morning-night-24/7, in a never ending reminder that we are governed by time. What is even worse is the clock is generally placed up higher than everything in the room, like a shrine to the constant reminder of the tick tock machine. I started to think that we do not put up with this for anything else and nothing is as much of a constant in our lives as the ticking clock.

I was laughing hard and uncontrollably in the way you do when psychedelics reveal obvious things you have missed your entire life. Then a thought hit me- I finally understood what is meant by the phrase “time is an illusion”. This is something I have been reading about and trying to wrap my head around for a very long time and it just would not click, but here it was the simple answer to the illusory nature of time (or at least my understanding of it).

If you follow science, spirit, the occult or a mixture of the above we all pretty much agree (in different ways) that there was a big bang, a god breathing life into the cosmic egg or nothing becoming something- which quickly replicated and birthed the universe. This is the start of this form of life as we know it. This means not only were we this moment, but we still are.

Everything from dung beetle to cosmic star dust was born out of this moment. This means the illusion of time started from this moment. If there is no separation between you and everything else this means that time is stored within the genetic code of the grand all- so all past is a memory that is still accessible and existing concurrently with the present moment. Everything that has ever happened is visible in our reality and the future is yet to happen- this is why time is an illusion and all that can ever exist is the present.

Time is an illusion, a very convincing illusion and an illusion with rules, but an illusion all the same.

My work was pretty much done for the night and I said thanks to the medicine for my revelation. A thought then hit me, what would happen if we stopped measuring time. Removed all clocks and lived by the sun and moon? Every answer you get, asks at least one more question- and so the rabbit hole continues to deepen. Please share this article!

IMAGE CREDIT:objowl / 123RF Stock Photo


I am Luke Miller the author of this article, and creator of Potential For Change. I like to blend psychology and spirituality to help you create more happiness in your life.Grab a copy of my free 33 Page Illustrated eBook- Psychology Meets Spirituality- Secrets To A Supercharged Life You Control Here


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