The Creator Writings: Quiet Mind

via Jennifer Farley, Thanks to Galactic Free Press

Sometimes, there is absolutely nothing to say. Having a quiet mind can be a gift to those who understand the benefits.  For those that do not; it can be torturous.  Without the inner chatter, you will begin to hear The Universe and what it has to say to you more clearly.  Today, take some time, quiet the inner chatter and listen to the whispers.  Beauty awaits. ~ Creator



  1. Reblogged this on Multidimensional Being and commented:
    So nice, my channeler runs on quiet mind since years. What do open the multidimensional communication link, humans with quiet mind appear as light beacon for telepathic contact. If you like to meet entities, just quiet your mind and experience the results.


  2. – Friday – September 22, 2017


    There are three areas of jeopardy for the current orange president:

    1) Obstruction of Justice

    The firing FBI Director James Comey.

    2) Collusion

    Illegal consorting with senior Kremlin officials to help him win the 2016 Presidential elections.

    3) Money Laundering

    Russian criminal elements feeding Trump money by buying his properties over the past 10 years.

    The deeper problem here is not about Trump however, it’s that “Crooked Hillary” was 100x worse than Trump on these same issues running a “quid pro qou” bribing system through the Clinton Foundation for over two decades.

    66 million American adults voted for Trump.

    69 million Americans adults voted for Clinton.

    Translated: An overwhelming majority of Americans are sound asleep when it comes to all things politics.

    Oblivious to reality.

    And what’s worse, a similar unfounded confidence exists in both American military and economic superiority perception globally.

    Meaning, the US population, just like the North Korean population, has little to no idea of how or why the world actually works because of a lifelong media brainwashing campaign waged against them, all be it unknowingly.

    Don’t get mad at them. Don’t argue with them. Just pray for them.

    Because as the truth of what America really is slowly reveals itself courtesy of the China, Russia and restored Republic, folks are gonna freak.

    They already are and we’re only 10% into the disclosure campaign.

    And that wake up call will be so psychologically crippling for so many millions of American lives, it pains me just to imagine the coming fallout.

    God is with us



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