Common Core of Communications

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Credit: Indiana University Southeast Communications Studies Dept.

By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

The community of lightworkers, loveholders, and other servants of the Divine Mother seem to have a common core of communications and then they branch out in different directions.

One is into health; another is into the environment; another is into gender equality.

One is into mysticism; the other is into macrobiotics; another is into crystals.

But all share a central core of communicational context and content.

What is some of that context and content?

All know a consciousness shift is going on. All know the future will be better. All know that our neighbors from other planets and galaxies are here to assist us at this time.

All know that we on Earth were headed for disaster without their assistance.


Where we get into trouble, if you’ll permit me to express an opinion, is where we try to pull the other over onto our path, rather than recognizing that they have their own contribution to make, their own path to tread, etc.  That unique contribution, which is our sacred purpose, results in all the different branches that grow out of the fertile central communicational core.

New-Age blogsites, radio shows, speaker panels, books, Youtube videos, etc. are propagating ideas that enter into the collective consciousness as well as into everyday media and begin the process of entrainment.

Humans looking for something new and meaningful are led to these ideas. I’ve heard Michael discuss him leading people to relevant ideas several times. And someone consistently suggests ideas to me that have had the power to spark minor realizations.

That having been said, I don’t think it an effective use of the lightworker resource – as I said in a previous article – to ask lightworkers to cluster in one company more than is necessary. Not like it needs to be rigorously avoided either; I’m just offering one opinion.

There are so few of us vis-a-vis the global population that I think it possibly better to spread ourselves out as much as possible, like leaven in a loaf. But of course you be your own guide.

Each lightworker, I think, has their own sacred purpose. Each has their own unique contribution to make to the tapestry of the whole.

I don’t think it’s meant that Bob is to follow Marcia’s path necessarily. It’s meant that Bob follow Bob’s path. And Marcia, Marcia’s.

If we could just allow each other our own way, we could avoid turning things into a spiralling tug-of-war. As Michael said, not “either/or” but “and.”

Meanwhile we have this solid core of common communicational context and content that makes our working lives together as lightworkers unique and mutually satisfying.

The entrainment that occurs with the rest of humanity – leading to preparedness for Ascension, Disclosure, and prosperity – will naturally evolve from the ongoing discussion coming from this common communicational core, I think.


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