Building Nova Earth: 11-8-17

bee-ehc-300x209via Voice of, Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia

A new bi-weekly column filled with inspired people and ideas about building Nova Being and Nova Earth.

All over the planet Gaians are discovering the joy of sacred purpose.

To start with, Muniba Mazari, lovingly referred to as the Iron Lady of Pakistan, openly talks about how her life changed after a car accident left her without the use of her legs and how this has altered her perspective on life.

In her powerful speech below, she expresses how important it is to accept yourself for the rest of the world to recognize you.

Muniba Mazari tells us:

“It is ok to be scared. It is ok to cry. Everything is ok, but giving up should not be an option.

“They always say that failure is not an option. Failure should be an option, because when you fail you get up, and then you fail, and then you get up, and that keeps you going.

“Embrace each and every breath you are taking.

“Celebrate your life. Live it.

“Real happiness lies in gratitude, so be grateful.

“Be alive and live every moment!”

12 Photos of Prisons from Around the World
that Defy Stereotypes of ‘Hard Time’

In the US, prison is synonymous with punishment.

That’s not the case in all countries around the world, where many prisons are built to rehabilitate even the most violent offenders or sometimes house people who haven’t committed any crimes.

The amenities in these places can get pretty swanky — relatively speaking. Think pristine basketball gyms in Norway or pool tables in Wales.

Here are a dozen prisons around the world that redefine what it means to be locked up.

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A New Jeff Bezos-backed Warehouse Farm
Will Grow Enough Produce to Feed
Over 180,000 People per Year

  • Vertical farming startup Plenty — which has raised $260 million to date — is opening a 100,000-square-foot farm in the greater Seattle, Washington area.
  • The company, which grows fruits and veggies under LEDs and without soil, hopes to sell its organic produce for the same price as traditional produce.
  • Plenty plans to drive down operational costs by automating its growing processes as much as possible.

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The ‘Pangolin Men’ Are Protecting
The World’s Most Trafficked Mammal

The Pangolin (on the man’s head) is an ant-eating mammal. Pangolins may not be very good at protecting themselves, but that is why they have a team of men who are dedicated to watching over them.

These members of the Tikki Hywood Trust, also known as the “Pangolin Men” of Zimbabwe, are a group of volunteers who spend their lives rehabilitating pangolins who have been rescued from poachers.

The caretakers ensure that the ant-eaters are able to hunt and forage for themselves before they’re released back into the wild.

Read more. . .


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