The Fake, the Bad, and the Ugly

sacred-116-1By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

I’d all but forgotten about the phase of Ascension called “Accountability.”

I’d dismissed the thought of mass arrests. And yet here we are, almost 2,000 indictments and going up each day, each indictment potentially naming several or many defendants.

As a student of the path of awareness, how do I feel about this stage of things?

I go through alternate spells of rivetted attention mixed with dismay as one icon after another falls, one atrocity after another is revealed.

It hurts. It all hurts. Everything that’s coming out right now – the fake, the bad, and the ugly – hurts.

Unless I separate the person from the behavior, I won’t be able to forgive what we’re about to hear.

The ideas and the behavior must stop, but the people I’m able to forgive when I realize that, like their victims, they too were in all probability victimized as children.

Years ago, I read the literature on the Illuminati (though I forget most of it now, I’m relieved to say). Their treatment of their children – in particular, sexual abuse – was unconscionable.

Dr. Gabor Mate said in his TEDtalk that all his patients in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver share the common history of sexual abuse. (1) I think Illuminati children could make the same allegation. As Kathleen says, both victims and victimizers need our compassion for their recovery.

I no longer have the interest or the knowledge base to follow and interpret in depth what may be happening with or to the Illuminati around the world.

Rather what I hope to do is give the context, in relation to Ascension and associated events, for what transpires in this next phase. How does it relate to Ascension? Disclosure? Etc.

One thing I can’t  forget is that there are men and women dying at this moment to stop the folks intent on planetary destruction and bring in a new way of life. I honor their sacrifice.

For the sake of those manning the front lines, I hope this phase is short. I believe it will be.


(1) See “8 Minutes at 8PM: The Highest Vision for Nova Earth, Project Peace and Love, 11-18/19-17,”


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