Leaving the Culture of Fear

sacred-14By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

I’ve said before that access to a different state of consciousness makes unclear things instantly clear.

That’s proving to be the case for me with freedom from fear.

The moment there’s no fear, it becomes instantly clear that fear is and was born of illusion (False Events Appearing Real).

But I can only see that when I’m no longer in it. When I’m in fear, the fear I’m in is like water to the fish – totally invisible to me.

We live in a culture of fear. The mass of agreement in our society is that there’s much to be afraid of.

If I were to list many of them … I’d fall back into fear!

There’s much to be afraid of only if we say there is. Only if we enter into agreement with that point of view.

There’s nothing inherent in nature that holds ultimate peril for us – not even death. (1)

We actually do not die. “We” – the one who’s talking and listening right now – simply get up and walk out of the room we died in and into another realm.

As to the event which caused the shattering – my Dad yelling at me – I’ve later lived through many such experiences – which I called by names like transformation, peak experiences, visions, breakthroughs, and heart openings.

In all of them, my present personality dissolved or disappeared and I found myself in a different state of consciousness.  What’s there to fear?

Immediately my fear born of my Dad’s shouting disappeared.


I’d never be saying what I’m saying unless and until fear dropped away. I didn’t know I lived in fear until I no longer lived there.

Roosevelt said we have nothing to fear but fear itself. That’s so true. Stay away from fear as a gift to your future.

If you have to stamp your foot and order it away, do that. Or invoke the Universal Law of Transmutation and transmute it into love of the Mother. Or torch it with the violet flame.

The irony is that the fears we create are just that – our creations. The natural state doesn’t include fear. It doesn’t include illusion. The natural state is a consciously-aware and consciously-free state of being.


The discovery of a life beyond fear is as large for me as the experience of the inner tsunami of love was or three months in bliss. In an ascension ethnography, I have to give it place as another important plateau.

In this case, to eliminate fear itself from my field of experience was an unknown possibility to me and required celestial co-creation. I thank Michael and Raphael and of course my guides. They’re available to everybody.

What psychiatrist would believe me? I am, for the moment, free from fear. But there’d be no use in trying to communicate that to people who hold an empirical-materialist point of view. Invocations? Archangels? Vasanas? Preposterous.

What do I care? I believe me. I lived through these events. Yes, turn a lion loose on me and I’d probably quiver in my boots – or worse.

But for now I live the luxury of a life lived without fear every day.  This way of life is wonderful.


(1) See New Maps of Heaven at http://goldengaiadb.com/index.php?title=New_Maps_of_Heaven


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