The Train is Leaving

By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

Jesus told the parable of the ten virgins summoned as bridesmaids to the Lord’s feast (Matthew 25:1-13).

All ten brought their lamps, but five of them failed to bring oil in theirs.

They had to go back and get some. But, when they returned, the door to the feast hall was shut and could not be opened.

Now apply this to the phase of Ascension called “reconciliation.”

In the eyes of God, we’re all virgins – faultless, innocent. But some folks have filled their lamps with oil (the divine qualities) and some have refused to do so (what the Company of Heaven calls the “recalcitrants”).

A very small number, the recalcitrants are holding out for the survival of a competitive and predatory order. But they’ll eventually find themselves like the virgins without oil. Unable to come into the feast with the Lord of the manor.

In God’s eyes they’re still innocent virgins, as we all are, but their progress to the feast is nonetheless blocked until they learn a few lessons they haven’t learned yet, which unlock the feast-hall doors.

The wisdom of embracing the divine qualities is an example of a lesson that I think would need to be learned before we’re made guests at the Lord’s feast (Ascension).

We lightworkers are down here at ground level having volunteered to deal with the aftermath of all the conflict that’s taken place on Earth.

Our long history of conflict has left its wounds in cellular memory and past-life remembrances, added to the trauma that lightworkers agreed to take on this lifetime as a crash course in Earth life.

If we’re to help the maximum number to ascend, then we have to pay attention to reconciliation. We have to find a way to be complete as a world if we’re to experience unity and then build on that foundation.

Our job is to bring along as many as want to ascend (if at all possible) and release the rest to follow their own star. Any dark soul who genuinely wishes to turn his hat around is welcome.

Those virgins with oil in their lamps – having cultivated the divine qualities like compassion, love, and joy – will find … well, paradise, really. When I experienced higher-dimensional love, I wanted nothing else. I was in paradise for sure.

If we take love alone – and leave aside complete satisfaction, serenity, bliss, peace, etc. – love will fill us up completely; the inner tsunami of love will wash away all our tears, just as the scriptures say. It will not leave us wanting.

Once in the higher dimension, victims won’t need reconciliation. They’ll have their reward in Heaven (early Christian name for the Fifth Dimension) – and their healing. That reward will be immersion in a sea of love that dissolves all concerns and turns life around in a millisecond.

In my view, every person moving from darkness to light, from untruth to truth raises the collective vibration and, in the face of that, the expanded Ascension energies take in one more person on the borderline. And one more. And one more. It helps more people ascend, which is why we’re here.

In a short while, the recalcitrants will have made their choice. From all the indications we’ve been given, the time to choose is soon. We’re all of us at the station and the train is leaving. The welcome mat will never be withdrawn but free will will also be respected.


One comment

  1. Thank you, Steve ~ I really appreciate this message, and it is so synchronistically aligned with where I AM.. A friend and I were speaking about this very subject yesterday. I often resonate with your writings. Sharing the Blessings of OUR ONE HEART

    … and Thank You, Wes, for Golden Hearted Rebel. I appreciate many of the writings you make available to US ALL. Sharing the Blessings of OUR ONE HEART


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