Give the Gift of Love

By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

I’m seeing so clearly how the greatest course correction I possibly will ever make is to cross the line from a person who loves himself in an average kind of way to a person who actively and generously does so.

I don’t mean out of hubris or arrogance or aloofness.  I mean out of higher-dimensional, divine, or transformative love.  What people mean when they capitalize the word “Love.”

The love that arises naturally from the heart when we call it up.

When I look at these things, I begin to bathe myself in love. I’m taking time out to really wash myself down with it. Time off for the love spa.

And the greatest thing of all is that all the love I need is available right here, on demand, from the bottomless artesian well of living water we call the heart. (1)

Wasn’t it Eckhart who tells the story of the poor man begging for change while sitting on a crate of gold bars?

That crate is the heart and the gold bars are the love it contains.  Jesus called it the treasure buried in a field.

We’re all of us rich in what we own and yet ignorant of it and therefore seeking from others what can best and most easily be had from ourselves.

May I make a few suggestions based on my own experience? I’m just comparing notes here. I have no desire to play any other role than that.

Based on my own experience, it works to seek the love in my own heart, rather than from outside myself?  It doesn’t work anywhere near as well to try to inveigle and coax love from another whereas it’s available on demand from my inner spring.

There’s no reason for us to be beggars when we have inside us a chest full of gold.

Love flows like any good well flows, through pumping. We pump love up on the in-breath and send it out to the world on the outbreath. Or we circulate it within ourselves on the outbreath and “love ourselves.”

Love cannot be contained. It never wants to stand still. I’ve only known it to flow.  We simply get to enjoy it as it flows through us and out into the world.

Try to contain it and it’ll disappear in a heartbeat and without a trace. Breathe it up again and it returns.

Distance is no barrier to love. Love can be sent anywhere. If it doesn’t reach its intended receiver, for one reason or another, I’m told that the Company of Heaven uses it wherever it’s most needed.

I stake my money on it. This is what we’re all looking for. This special, universally-available, but rarely-experienced form of love is what the CoH talks about endlessly. Twenty seconds in it and you’ll know why.

Breathe it up from the heart. Fill yourself with it.  Once feel its essential nature and you cannot but forever work for it.

Give the gift of love this Christmastime.

I’ll be taking a couple of weeks off around Christmastime.


(1) Higher-dimensional love is the achemist’s elixir, as far as I’m concerned.


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