The Creator Writings: Your Power

via Jennifer Farley, The Creator Writings

During these times of change and the shifting/balancing of female and male energy there is much talk of ‘reclaiming’ your power.  The…one…thing…you…must…remember; it was never stolen from you!

Some of you chose to pretend it did not exist for safety’s sake, others have chosen to hide or hide from it or tuck it away in a safe space deep inside so no one could touch it except for you. (Smiling)

Here is your homework for today, darling one; it is time to remember where you put your power.  Bring it out, dust it off, reacquaint yourself with your Creator given gift!  It may be a bit scary at first, but it is possible.  It is your birthright, it is time and you can do it! ~ Creator


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