Patterns of Resistance


Credit: Refining Truth Ministry

By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia


Kathleen is coaching me on getting deeper into the practice and wisdom of forgiveness.

I was meditating on what prevents me from forgiving when I suddenly had a thought that left me feeling self-righteous. That led off into interesting paths of inquiry.

I used Kathleen’s technique of turnaround and imagined I heard a mother say, “How would you like it if he treated you that way?” (1)

I considered what it would feel like to have someone respond to me self-righteously and I saw that I would probably shut down completely and give up on them. They’ve made up their minds on me.

And noticing that, I saw that I had embedded within me a system, which must be society-wide in many, if not all, respects.

Yesterday I cited Werner Erhard, who called the system “resist, resent, revenge.”

I found myself adding to that description:

Judge/close mind, look self-righteously upon/resent, resist/defend, attack/revenge, ostracize/write off.

I found that I could occupy every position comfortably.

Oh my.

I only use this pattern if reactivated. If not, all is well and no one ever sees it. I cover my tracks anyways. Not to do so is to be looked upon as incompetent, among those who follow this pattern.

I promptly took out Michael’s sword and cut all attachments to it. I then invoked Michael and the Law of Elimination to take the pattern away and dispose of it, replacing it with love.

It’s proving to be a time when experimentation pays off. Life is getting interesting to a student of awareness.


(1) Therefore, do unto others as you would they would do unto you. We’re back at the basics.


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