Mindless We are Not; Neither are We Slavish

By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

Someone on another site just accused “New-Age Philosophy” of following gurus and failing to think for ourselves.


I don’t think the matter can be captured quite that simply.

Let me take an analogy from the instructions that were passed along to me when I was training to hear refugee claims.

I was told that I needed to reach a fair and impartial decision after review of all the relevant and credible evidence.

It wasn’t just me off in my office thinking about the case. It wasn’t me following a guru’s instructions.

It was me gathering and weighing the evidence.

It was me in the hearing room listening, taking notes, and reviewing the testimony.

It was me reading country-conditions literature, human-rights statutes and conventions, issue-related position papers (like the Gender Guidelines), (1) court decisions, hearing-room procedure, on and on the list of sources went.

So it is here. We lightworkers – mostly, I hope – also gather evidence from various sources and review all of it before making our decisions.

Our first source of evidence is the opinions expressed by the Company of Heaven.

The sources that we post supply deep distinctions, enduring and valuable. These sources include ascended masters, galactics, and celestials. I’ve found myself to have grown by more than an order of magnitude more than in my 25 years with gurus. (2)

Our second source is boots-on-the-ground intel from sources as diverse as Q Anon, David Wilcock, and Michael Salla, to name a few.

We commentators supply a third source of evidence – the evidence of our opinions, deductions, conclusions, etc. We filter things through our hearts and minds and report what we see on the subject.

Commentators try to supply useful distinctions to assist lightworkers in their thinking and choosing process. We supply tools but also lumber and nails.

A fourth stream of evidence is our guides and friends on the other side.  I think we’ll find that large numbers of us are overlit by “someone” this lifetime.

Often the encouragement is so subtle that we think the idea our own, when it wasn’t. I’ve caught the other side whispering to me several times now.  (3)

Our guides may inspire us through clairaudience, clairsentience, clairvoyance, etc. This then is a fourth source of evidence.

And there are many other “inputs” to our decision-making process.

Our guides, the celestials, and the galactics are very careful to point out that they never interfere with our free will. Theirs are suggestions.

Unless of course we surrender our will to theirs, usually a path preferred by evolved servants of the Mother, senior followers of the path of karma yoga, service, or seva.  Well, like us ascending financial wayshowers and stewards of the Mother’s wealth.

So does the fact that I quote the celestials and galactics so widely mean that I’m a slave to what they say? Not at all. I don’t feel any compulsion to slavishly follow what they say.

In two AHWAA programs now, I’ve asked questions or given feedback that was direct and possibly unpopular.  I pressed Archangel Michael on a matter two weeks ago, trying to pin him down when he seemed to be vague.

And I gave St. Germaine “direct” feedback that I – and I thought we – were bone-tired waiting for the Reval. I needed for the Company of Heaven to know that and how much safer could I be in saying that than among them?

I don’t feel slavish. I don’t feel dependent on them. I reach my decisions fairly and impartially after consideration of all the relevant and credible evidence. I don’t think I could do things any other way.

In my opinion, the allegation that New-Age folks follow gurus and fail to think for themselves is without merit.

On the contrary, if anyone studied the matter, I think they’d find that lightworkers are under no one’s thumb and in no way obligated to think, speak, or act a certain way.

Instead we’re encouraged to create and have and act on our own dreams. We’re reminded that our free will will never be violated. We’re encouraged to take the initiative and lead. Mindless we are not; neither are we slavish.


(1) Chairperson Guidelines 4: Women Refugee Claimants Fearing Gender-Related Persecution at http://www.irb-cisr.gc.ca/Eng/BoaCom/references/pol/GuiDir/Pages/GuideDir04.aspx

(2) My guru of 25 years turned out to be a pedophile.

(3) The latest time was when I was going to leave the blog and get a job in January. A voice in my ear whispered, “What about the others?” I was so taken aback by the consideration, which had not occurred to me, that I stopped my forward motion. Subsequently I decided to go last rather than first.

I asked Michael in a subsequent reading if he said that and he said it was my Higher Self, but he was standing right next to him. This shows the way they issue us suggestions and so their suggestions is another source of evidence for us that enters into our decision-making.

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