5 of The Most Important Questions Anyone Could Ever Ask Themselves

By Alanna Ketler, Collective Evolution

While the following questions might seem obvious to some curious ponderers out there, like myself, it has recently come to my attention that many people simply do not consider these questions at all.

Perhaps this is out of fear, perhaps this is because we are busy and tired, or perhaps it is because of a pre-existing set of belief systems that currently occupy our minds. Whatever the reason, these are very important questions that we should be asking ourselves, specifically if we want our time here on Earth, in this incarnation, to really count and fill our lives with meaning and purpose.

Have you asked yourself the following questions?

1. What Happens When We Die?

While it is pretty well impossible to know for sure what the answer to this question is, asking yourself and evaluating your thoughts around it can definitely have a fairly significant impact on how you live your life everyday. If you believe that we either go to heaven or hell, than certainly you will do your best to live a sin free life. If you believe that we go back to Source, also known as, All That IsGod or the Universe, then maybe you will see that our lives are similar to school, full of lessons all designed to help us grow and evolve for the next time we incarnate here, or somewhere else. And if you happen to be agnostic, then surely you will want to make the absolute most out of this one life you are given and live it to the fullest!

Whatever your beliefs happen to be, this is an important question to ponder and a great one to bring up in conversation with a group of friends – just be careful not to offend anyone 😉

2. Why Are We Here?

Again, really there is no way to know with absolute certainty what the answer to this question is, however, that does not take away from just how important it is for us to ask ourselves. Why are we here? What is the point of all of this? Are we merely just highly evolved bacteria that has conjured up this grand idea that we are actually much more important than we really are? Or is there a deeper reason as to why we feel that we have a purpose and our existence here is not just by mere chance or the result of meteoroids crashing into our planet, billions of years ago?

Are we here to love? Are we here to learn? Are we here to do good? Are we here to grow? Are we here to experience life at its fullest? Life is full of duality, and at the very least, our time here is extremely experientially rich, which gives us many different experiences to assist our growth as well as challenge us to do better. But what is the reason to you?

Asking this question for yourself can help you understand just how important you are and can cultivate gratitude for such an opportunity to be here, and to be alive right NOW.

3. What Is My Purpose?

Ahhh… that good old feeling that I must be here for a reason! I was given this life to do something good, now if I could just put my finger on what that might be…

This question reminds me of the lovely story, The Alchemist, written by popular author, Paulo Coelho. It’s a story  about a boy named Santiago, and he’s on a journey for a treasure, as well as to discover his own Personal Legend. A personal legend is something we all have, and is what gives our life meaning, it is why we are here. Everyone has a unique gift to offer to the world, and it’s usually something that truly makes us come alive. Knowing what this is and embracing it to the fullest is exactly what the world needs.

I highly recommend the book mentioned above to help inspire you to dig deep and to find out what your purpose is here on this planet at this time, if you are still struggling to find out. If you are, you’re not alone.

4. If Given The Opportunity, What Would You Say To Your 8-Year-Old Self?

I love this question, it’s also a fun one to bring up in a group setting. It really gives you some great hindsight into your life and an opportunity to reflect on what you may have thought was important at the time versus what you now realize is actually important. Also, while thinking about the answer to this question, you may find it relevant in your life today.

I would say to my 8-year-old self:

Don’t worry, no matter what, everything is going to be okay, don’t rush so much to grow up and enjoy being a child as long as you can! You get much more time as an adult than as a child, so soak it up, kiddo and enjoy it. Don’t forget to play!

5. How is Your Relationship With Yourself?

“And if I asked you to name all the things that you love, how long would it take for you to name yourself?

Can you look into a mirror and say I love you? If you can, this is wonderful! Keep it up. If you can’t, then this is a great starting point to see that the relationship you have with yourself needs to be addressed. The path to self-love is often a lifelong journey, and like anything else, it can fluctuate. Regardless of your belief systems or the answers to the previous questions, self-love is so important and something that we should all work on. Never forget that you, yourself are as deserving of your love, care, and attention as anyone else.

Mending the relationship you have with yourself can impact many other areas of your life in a very positive way, this might be the most important question for you to ask yourself because it can have such a meaningful impact on the rest of your life!

What are your answers to these questions? What questions do you think are important? Let us know and join the discussion in the Collective Evolution Group!

Much Love


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