Psychedelic Poetry On The Top Of Machu Picchu Mountain

By Luke Miller, Truth Theory

Last year I was privileged enough to have had the adventure of a lifetime, this adventure led me to many places from the lowlands of the jungle to the high tops of the mountains. All in all I was in Peru for 5 months, 1 of which was spent in the jungle completely disconnected from the world. Between that time I was also in the States, Costa Rica, Norway and a few other beautiful locations. All in all the trip was 13 months, with some of the time in between also being spent at my home in the UK.

Some of my time in Peru allowed me to meet with local teachers and also experience plant medicine, but there was a build up to this experience for me. There was a period of around 2 years prior to this trip, in which I experienced what many people call “a calling”. This was initiated by the discovery of a plant medicine called Ayahuasca.

This poem which I videoed on top of Machu Picchu mountain sums up some of that build up in 3 minutes 33 seconds.

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I am Luke Miller the author of this article, and creator of Potential For Change. I like to blend psychology and spirituality to help you create more happiness in your life.Grab a copy of my free 33 Page Illustrated eBook- Psychology Meets Spirituality- Secrets To A Supercharged Life You Control Here


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