Building Human Rights on Nova Earth

via Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

I’ve gathered together most of the essays on the blog on human rights and I present that to you to assist you in your work in building Nova Earth.

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Human Rights as a concept arose in the face of glaring conditions of inequality and poverty, including servitude, prompting others to speculate on why some people should be seen as unequal and moving them to action.

Oftentimes a spiritual conversion is the source of the knowledge of the innate equality of all. An excellent example of that is John Newton, the slave trader who had a shipboard spiritual revelation that led him to compose Amazing Grace. He quit slaving and became an Anglican minister.

At the moment of his revelation, I’m sure that the equality of all was seen and deeply understood.

One doesn’t have to be a slave trader. One can be a visionary like Mahala Yousafzai, Mahatma Gandhi or Martin Luther King. One can bring this knowledge in from other lifetimes.

Whenever higher realities have been glimpsed, such as happened to John Newton, the seer realizes immediately that this world was meant to honour what is in fact the reality – that all people are created free and equal.

All people are here for the same purpose: To realize who we are. (1) All of us travel through lifetime after lifetime learning more deeply what our essence is by interacting with others, creating situations that cause us to reflect on who we are.

As we journey together, every person has equal rights and freedoms, by virtue of being a spark of God.

Some people may have unequal rights because they’re unequally doing things like carrying babies and nursing them. This inequity – sometimes biological, sometimes for other reasons – calls for affirmative action. But otherwise all people have equal rights.

Broadly speaking, I’d think those rights include the right to do anything people wish, short of harming one another.

But we’re not there yet as a society. I think we will be shortly, as the consciousness vibrations of the planet continue to rise.

Until we reach such an umbrageous acceptance of each other, we may have to approach the task of building a new human-rights house one plank at a time.

  • Every person has the right to speak freely, without fear of harm or punishment.
  • Every person has the right to marry whomever they please.
  • Every person has the right to worship as they please.

On and on the individual planks go.

All of us realize the interim nature of human rights. In more refined dimensions of experience, like the astral world or the Fifth Dimension, there’s no need for them. There’s no scarcity of anything and hence no grounds for friction between people.

People sort themselves out; the people who pursue criminality go to one place and the people who love unity and harmony go to another. (2) Thus, no one steals from each other where we’re going – if we were going there.

Besides, everyone is bathed in higher-dimensional love there, in the experience of which no one could or would wish another harm. (3)

So we only need human rights here on the Third/Fourth Dimension, in our everyday world, where “saint” rubs shoulders with “sinner.” Here is where protection from possible harm is wanted and needed. And as long as it is, human rights are the instruments that frame our response.

I don’t think we realize that the notion of human rights also implies human limits. It implies limitations on behavior as much as it implies freedom. And it isn’t just based on whose side shouts the loudest. The limitations on freedom apply to everyone.

Here’s an example. If I have the right to marry whom I choose and you’re my uncle insisting I marry your son, my human rights call for your freedom of action to be restricted.

We don’t think about that much.

I’m thinking particularly of women and children in this regard. Men need to realize that the restoration of the human rights of women and children on this planet will mean the restriction of the freedom of action of men. Think about it.

It’s time, men.


(1) See “It All Works Out in the Final Reel,” April 14, 2017, at

(2) See “Destination Depends on Life Lived” at

(3) This is another aspect of a higher reality being experienced. For one person it can be a glimpse of Reality; for another, it’s the experience of higher-dimensional love.

In either case, the person, while in that state, wishes to harm nobody. Hence there is no need for human rights. Or even forgiveness, since there are no transgressions to forgive.


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