Cedella Marley: You Can Make It Through

e93f3c_06f0b35deb1b47b89dada75418e7f0e9~mv2_d_1354_1354_s_2Positive Vibrations by Cedella Marley, A Nice Time

We’ve all had hard times that we thought we’d never get through, but we did. Some challenges can completely overwhelm you, but you always work through it.

We suffer loss and pain that feels as if it would never go away, but we get beyond that too. As a result, we are now, stronger, wiser and more experienced. Every difficulty that has come, you’ve survived, and have grown as a result.

Most likely there will be more rough times ahead, but just remind yourself of those times when you couldn’t see yourself making it, and yet you did. Don’t doubt yourself, you made it through before and you will do it again!

One Love… Cedella



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