Bliss, Saedor, and a You-and-Me World

By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

There’s a basic context that I haven’t yet gotten and am only dimly getting. But getting it is well worth the effort.

It’s a shift between what Werner Erhard called a “me-or-you world” to what he called a “me-and-you world.”

I’m so thoroughly trained in me-or-you that I forget to be me-and-you within five minutes of remembering.

But you-and-me is consistent with an awareness practice. I think it’s probably consistent with any spiritual practice. It’s what I have on my “To Do” list these days.

It has to happen and my male, warrior persona regards it in a negative way. The content of the criticism may vary but I’ll bet the critical stance would be the same among most male warrior types.

You-and-me is consistent with bliss. You-or-me is not. Perhaps I should make it my mantra.

If one just breathes into you-and-me, one is uplifted, whereas nothing similar happens with you-or-me.

The former is obviously contextual; the latter, conceptual. The former opens up onto a sea of satisfaction; the latter, if anything, breeds dissatisfaction.

But satisfaction is a palpable and very fulfilling experience. It rewards anyone who feels it; dissatisfaction brings no such contentment.

As I breath it in, I almost drift off into peacefulness and bliss.

I’ve been invited to explore Saedor, not like I know very much more about it than anyone else may, but to explore it to know more.

Saedor is an intergalactic use of language that is characterized by being loving. I think a you-and-me context would promote Saedor.

So it aligns with me expanding and improving the quality and tenor of my communications.

In fact it’s a road in to Saedor, I imagine. Saedor creates a you-and-me world and a you-and-me attitude is fertile ground for Saedor to grow in.

I’m drifting off into bliss at the moment. I think I’ll go with it.


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