It Awaits Our Discovery


Credit: Jyrah Productions

By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia


I believe there’s a tug-of-war going on inside many people right now – which will increase as the energies continue to rise – between a love for constancy and a desire for change.

My life is about fifty/fifty right now. I watched myself on a day I needed to travel. I still stuck to my daily routine even though I hadn’t even packed yet.

Once I left the door of my apartment, however, I switched from consistency to the constant change of flow. I didn’t even look at a clock all the way from my apartment, on the skytrain, to the bus and on to the ferry. I just let events unfold. (This is part of me “growing up” spiritually to assume my responsibilities.)

So I half like consistency and I half like change.  And I haven’t discovered yet how the two can co-exist.

The resolution of this seeming tug-of-war awaits my discovery. All of this that we’re going through seems to await our discoveries. Matthew Ward implies as much when he says we’re in 4D location-wise but 3D in our consciousness:

“We say as well that third-density consciousness can’t discern light in a person or a situation. Although Earth and all of her residents are in fourth density location-wise, the majority of the populace still is within third density awareness-wise.” (1)

I discovered that unwanted feelings, when faced into, are insubstantial. I’ve seen that aches in my body can now be removed by a simple snap of the limb. Things that were real in my world a while back are no longer real and things that weren’t real are now real.

Word learning is no substitute for discovery through experience. I know Michael has discussed the changes we’ll encounter but this is me translating that into my own experience. Experiential knowledge is more compelling than intellectual knowledge. Realized knowledge is more compelling still.

One of the reasons I don’t discover more is that I don’t question my circumstances or settings. I assume that all I see and feel is normal and real. But some of it no longer is.

I’m willing to bet that the whole facade I call the “constructed self” is, in total, no longer in any way substantial. I just don’t know how to test out that hypothesis. But I’m working on it.

Meanwhile we need to re-awaken our impulse and desire to discover.  We need to question the obvious, observe all outcomes, be aware of ourselves – our thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Three times the substantial has shown itself to be insubstantial or the impossible has been made possible. Perhaps it’s taken that many times to ignite my spark of curiosity. How much can I discover of this new domain which we’re allegedly in?

Michael says to me, you’re not even in the Third Dimension. I must be in the Fourth or the Fifth.

I think many people assume that residing in the Fifth means we have all the powers of an ascended being. No, having all the powers happens after Sahaja Samadhi, the culminating event of Ascension. And that happens a few subplanes into the Fifth.

So one can be in the Fifth (“being in” is a metaphor; it’s actually a state of consciousness, rather than a territory) and yet not be ascended, not be able to create by thought, not be telepathic, etc., as far as I know.

In the Sixties, we engaged in consciousness-raising, led by feminists and human-growth workshop leaders.  We need again to engage in the process of discovery that consciousness raising is and was.

The new reality appears to already be here. But it awaits our discovery.

Our beliefs about how reality is shapes how reality shows up for us. Our beliefs stand in the way of discovery. Which will we choose? Our beliefs or discovery?


(1) Matthew’s Message, October 19, 2014, at


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