The Spiral of Violence


Manhunt: Your worst nightmares of violence

By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

I’m away from home and have just given myself indigestion by watching an evening of television.

Watch “The Terror.” “Fear the Walking Dead.” On and on and on the violence went, interspersed with advertisements that could have come from Disneyland – smiling faces, Pollyanna caricatures.  The contrast between the two was glaring. Kill each other, you people, and, when you’re not doing that, buy these products and lead the ideal life.

There were sometimes as many as eight ads in between a little programming.  Oh my, what I put myself through. I apologize to myself. That’s it for another year, I promise.

The same people who turned their attention on Hollywood, on Pizzagate, on chemtrails, on HAARP, could they please now turn their attention on television. Specifically how it features violence and bloodshed, how it feeds polarization and fear.

Next would be some of the sick ads on Youtube that sell videogames mired in the worst of violence, with names like Manhunt, Fortnight, Postal, etc. Someone wants us to be immersed in violence.

The Joker, gassing hundreds

Tonight the Joker killed hundreds in Gotham City with poison gas. What effect is this having on us? Making mass death banal, something we’ve already lived through a dozen times on the screen, until we’re accustomed to it and maybe jaded?

What to do?

I think I already know what to do.

I think I’m already doing it.

I noticed the other day that I am at the moment, and by choice, living a very quiet lifestyle. I used to look upon it differently in the past – calling myself a hermit or a recluse – but now I see that I really do crave the quiet.

I already know I have the leanings of a monk, but I’m shying away less from claiming that space for myself.

This is the answer for me. I still do my work. I probably do more of it and do it more effectively. In fact I undoubtedly do. This lifestyle is the answer for me.

It has its consequences. If you’re expecting me to be up to the minute on news, I’m going to disappoint you. I have no desire to do so any more.

I feel a pressing need to be ready for the Reval, with all my plans in place. I feel a pressing need to be ready for the next event in our otherwise-gradual Ascension, Disclosure, and building Nova Earth as well.  But I’ve lost my taste for the conversation that the mainstream television media are hosting.

Someone, somewhere in the world seems to want to pit citizen against citizen, country against country, religion against religion, and on and on the resulting spiral of violence goes.

It isn’t guns that kill people. It’s guns in the hands of violent people. And we as a people are being fed violence as an almost constant fare.

What effect is that having on all of us?

I feel no need or desire to take my lead from something like TV any more. Or expose myself to it, given its apparent choice to push an agenda of violence and fear.

I feel grateful to myself that I prefer a quiet lifestyle. To see it without judgement for what it is – a preference, all around, for simple peace. Not a withdrawal from the world, far from it. I’m more available. But a withdrawal from manipulation by a constant diet of violence and fear.


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  1. it’s better to see what is real, than to blind yourself, with half opinions. A lot of people get their thrill from violence; many women will testify to this, perhaps it’s more than a human issue, maybe it’s the hidden lives so many live, thanks for the post


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