Mainstream Media vs. the Age of Information

By Ethan Indigo Smith, Wake Up World

The information age is changing entirety. It has changed and continues to change so rapidly that many of us, many times, find ourselves playing catch-up, not just with trends of communication but also with shifts in the flow of information itself.

The internet provides access to information and education on everything from politics to physics. Indeed we are presently more capable of being knowledgeable than other group of people to have ever lived. Internet communication devices are almost like having a key to the Akashic Field; we can tap into practically all information anywhere on Earth.

However this ‘mechanical Akashic’ is also layered with the ill-mindedness and untruths that pervade this physical realm today. For this reason, we have to learn to distinguish between knowledge and piles. Our access to knowledge does not necessarily equate to wisdom (knowledge being the possession of information, and wisdom being the inclination to be productive with that information.) So it is up to each of us, not the government or its cohorts, to determine for ourselves what information is real and relevant, and what is ‘fake news’ or propaganda.

Information vs. the Status Quo

The world is on the precipice of change. The information age has the power to challenge the structures of the status quo. It even has the potential to eliminate the influence of money over the election of our leaders, since all candidates can be offered equal communication platforms which enable them all (and their policies) equally, so that those with the best ideas are elected and not the wealthiest corporate-funded noisemaker who can buy support and advertising time on corporate media.

Indeed, there are so many ways that the information age could completely shift the oligarchical collectivism of the power structures of the world in favor of individuals instead of institutions. So, instead of expanding our reach of information – instead of inspiring individuals to dig for truth and research for realness – the institutional powers-that-be are constricting the field of information. This is particularly obvious with recent challenges to net neutrality — a neutrality that 87% of average Americans support, but which institutions are nonetheless seeking to destroy.

This constriction of ideas has expanded to the point that anything esoteric or challenging to the mainstream media narrative is being covertly and overtly belittled, or outright censored, while at the same time, militaristic propaganda is put forth through the mainstream media, who refuse to genuinely analyze or criticize the actions of its government cohort. A clear example is the distinct absence of any pacifists in the mainstream news media even questioning our government’s policy of aggressive intervention, as the U.S. government continues to incite conflict with other nations under the guise of ‘humanitarianism’ and ‘peace’.

Moreover, mainstream media has been found repeatedly obscuring and falsifying ‘news’, while blacking-out important stories completely – clearly demonstrating it is working to corporate and government allegiances and agendas. Just look at the countless global events being reported by the underground news and compare it to the selective, politically-biased fear-fare of the mainstream; there is little journalistic integrity on display in the mainstream media, just the regurgitation of B.S. And lots of it. As a result, public confidence in mainstream news has steadily declined over recent years while “alternative media” has risen in its place, filling the void of real news, views and analyses that go unheard and unexamined in mainstream circles. (For a deeper examination of the ways institutions lie, please read my article A Tangible Math Lesson – Four Types of Institutional Lies.)

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